Wine Bottle Wall Vase

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For a long time I didn't know what to do with this large wall in my master bedroom everything I looked at for decorating it was expensive and out of my budget. Then I stumbled on the idea of using old wine bottles, wood, galvanized fittings from the hardware store, and faux flowers. For less than $150 I had the perfect solution for decorating this large wall. Here is how I went about doing it.

I started off by taking a 1x10x8 piece of pine and cut it down into 24" sections with my miter saw. I sanded all the pieced down and applied stain (I used special walnut stain). Once the stain was dried I sprayed each piece with a clear top coat. Then it was time to move on to attaching all my metal fittings.

My first task was to take my 3/8" threaded rod that was a foot long and cut it down into 4 3" sections using a handsaw. It took a bit of time, and I'm sure there are better ways of doing this.

The next step was to attach 1 of the 3/8" ceiling flange to each of the 4 wooden sections. I measured 1" down from the top of each piece of wood and the center. I made sure the ceiling flange was level and attached them with the 3/4" wood screws.

Once the ceiling flange was secured to the wood I was able to attach the threaded rod pieces into each flange. I separated 3/4" split ring hanger into it's 2 halves, screwed on half to the threaded rod and I placed the neck of a cleaned wine bottle into the grove. I then alined the other half of the split ring on top of the wine bottle and screwed the two sections back together.

The last step was to add sawtooth hangers to the back of each vase. And then the flowers of your choice. l opted for these beautiful blue cherry blossoms.

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