Wood Sign Hack

3 Materials
2 Hours

I love all of the Instagram wood signs that a bunch of these bloggers switch out for holidays. I wish I could do the same. But limited space and not wanting to buy one for every holiday put a damper on that (they run around $120 on Etsy - which I understand because it is a process) The one I posted was from Christmas however my stencil was a photo for one I was making for a friend.

This sign was made using a stencil I did on the cricut maker (I made it in 3 parts to make it the size I wanted). The wood is the thinnest underlayment the big box store had (a 4x4 .5mm piece runs $9.87) This will make two signs or the base and one sign.

To make the “base” I used a 2ft by 4ft piece of .5mm under layment. I painted it white since most of my signs I plan to make will be white background. The two large magnet strips are heavy duty and come in a 5 pack on amazon. (It can hold knives etc - but is a stickon)

This is the back of the painted board. Now it pops on and off to change out for each holiday. Each wood painting comes to about $9 to include wood, paint and stencil

I forgot to take a pic of the other one but here is another one I did so you can get the picture (ignore the mess I’m one of those messy) crafters

The black wood of the frame is some old 1x3 scraps I had laying around and just painted and glued on with wood glue and clamped to dry overnight (hindsight I would prefer 1x2 size but this works). *note the wood for the picture is slightly less then 2x4 to make it fit on the other framed out piece

Now all I need to do is make different signs for the holidays.

Suggested materials:

  • .5mm underlayment   (Home Depot)
  • Acrylic paint and stencil paper   (Móchales)
  • Magnetic tape heavy duty   (Amazon)

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