DIY Soccer Goal Can With Duck Tape

What is a soccer goal can? If your kids play soccer then you might know what I am talking about! In our AYSO Region, the parents donate money, usually a few coins, every time the kids on the team make a goal during one of our Saturday games. We don't keep score but this is one way to motivate the kids to play hard and do their very best while trying to learn all the skills needed to play soccer well. The money we collect is then used to fund an AMAZING party at the end of the year for the team. So, the more goals they get, the more awesome the party can be. On the field, there's nowhere to really keep all this money and change so most teams create a container to hold all of the money from game to game and to be passed around to the parents each time the kids make a goal. That's the soccer goal can!
Last year, we altered a piggy bank and named it the "goal pig". Since we made the goal pig specific to Matthew's team last year, he didn't want to use it for his new team. Of course, mom, duh! We couldn't find the plastic piggy banks anywhere (what's up, Dollar Tree?!) so we had to search for another type of sealable container. Enter oatmeal. Which. is. not. paleo. Well, if I have to take one for the team, I will...
The oatmeal can only cost about $2.50 so even if we didn't eat it, it wasn't expensive. But they don't make oatmeal containers like they used to and this one needed reinforcement and weatherproofing. So we picked up duct tape in the team's colors and brought it all home. I had this grand idea that I would cut the team name from the duct tape with a craft knife. After about 10 seconds of that, I decided to try the Silhouette machine.
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Jennifer Priest
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