Crochet is a wonderful & peaceful craft....

I am crocheting a baby blanket for my cousin's first grand baby his name is Roman.

e crochet is a wonderful peaceful craft, crafts
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  • Rachel Rachel on Feb 26, 2017
    This is beautiful!
    My mom also crochets a lot, and I know everyone is so pleased to get from her blankets and other crochet items.
    Thanks for sharing! Hope Roman enjoys it, and please post a picture of the end result!

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    • Miri Stoner---- Miri Stoner---- on Mar 02, 2017
      My mom also crochets!!! Love the things she make

  • Sandi McIntyre Sandi McIntyre on Feb 27, 2017
    So sweet! I make teddy bears out of outgrown sleepers.

    • Connie Maestas Adams Connie Maestas Adams on Feb 28, 2017
      how adorable, nice job using outgrown PJ. I think that's a great way to also remember a pair of one of my grandson PJ

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Feb 28, 2017
    These are so sweet! Awesome gifts!!

  • Des20415622 Des20415622 on Mar 01, 2017
    so precious.

  • Carol Ann Jones Carol Ann Jones on Mar 01, 2017
    You are right crocheting is a calming peaceful hobby. Any of the hand crafts are like that be it knitting or needlework. It's often used as a meditative process. It will help control stress in your life. Don't stop with just this project do another!

  • Goj9414662 Goj9414662 on Mar 02, 2017
    I also crochet and find it very rewarding and relaxing. Am working on a baby afghan now, plus I make baby hats for the preemie babies for our hospital. Have made probably a hundred and have another bag full (around 25) to be delivered. I am also a lefty and struggled to get started with crocheting years ago, as there were not a lot of left handed patterns.

  • User User on Mar 03, 2017
    Crochet is my therapy, hobby, creative mood. Help to relax, concentrate, free your mind in a colorful thread of continuos fun.

  • Connie Maestas Adams Connie Maestas Adams on Mar 06, 2017
    yes I totally agree... I had to stop working because of health issues... it helps me also to cope... I love Variegated yarn... you never know what it's going to come out.

  • Karla Mathis Bostic Karla Mathis Bostic on Mar 08, 2017
    I am a crocheted and I love to make stuff for the babies in the NICU. I have a charity called Covers for Comfort. There is a Facebook group with tons of free patterns. There is nothing like taking a donation in and seeing all the tiny babies. I am disabled, so it helps me feel useful.