Have you ever made friends through crafting or DIY projects?

About 10 years ago, a couple of friends and I decided to create a crafting club. The idea came from a friend whose mother-in-law in India had a "kitty club" or "kiddy club" (not sure which) where a group of women would get together each week for an activity or outing.

My friends and I decided to create our own club, where once a month, we would get together to work on some type of art or other type of project. We would also each invite 1 or 2 other friends to join the club. One month, we went to a museum to see an art exhibition. Another month, we took a painting workshop together. Over time, we also did tie-dyeing, card making, and batiking. The members of the group grew and changed over time, as our lives progressed. But through this group, I met a lot of new people and made some wonderful friends. And I had some great fun with the old friends I already had.

Have you ever made new friends through crafting or some type of project-building? I'd love to hear of others' experiences!
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 09, 2017
    I love that!!!!! THat sounds like so much fun, do you still get together with them?

    • Donna Donna on Feb 10, 2017
      No. I've moved out of the area. But some of the original members still get together with new friends to make craft projects and hang out. Now, in my new home town, I've joined a knitting group and take basket making classes. This has become my new crafting community.

      Do you craft or DIY with friends?

  • I love this idea! Maybe when I retire, or at least work less than I do now, I might start a group. Good way to get to know people in your area. Even after living in my house for 16 years, I do not know hardly anyone in the neighborhood other than my immediate surrounding houses -beacause of my work schedule. Certainly something to consider . . . Great suggestion!

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    • Oh I agree! And it would be nice to actually have friends where I live. Right now my schedule is so crazy I dare not commit to anything, but that will soon change. I am on the Nextdoor neighborhood email and will start there when the time is right. Thanks again!