Easy Home Hack for Storing Your Paint Chips! {hint..behind a Switch}

Ok friendsI have to admit, this post is SO SIMPLE that I almost worry it doesn't merit a post! BUT, alas, I am going to share!
A friend of mine was over at my house for a Sunday School party one night and she asked me the color of my living room! She loved it, and she was about to paint a room in her own home and thought it was the perfect gray. Well...ummm...let me find the paint chip! {because I had no clue off the top of my head!} As luck would have it, I couldn't find it. I told her I would look for it and get back to her. {insert slap on forehead. There is NO reason for that to ever happen! That stuff needs to be kept up with better, Brooke!}
When she saw my struggles, she told me about this hack I am about to share!
First, take your paint chip! {I cut mine to be just the one color of the room after I took this picture.}
Thenfind a light switch in your room.
Unscrew it, and place your paint chip in! {***Be SURE to NOT put the chip on the side with the bare wire! Don't want any shocking going on!!***}
Screw that bad boy back onand for years to come, you always have your paint color handy when needed! {Great when you sell your house too so the new owners know what color in case they need to touch up!} Soooo incredibly simple~But BRILLIANT! Thanks, Kelly!

P.S. As long as you don't touch the bare wires, you are good. A paint chip is not conductive :)
Brooke Riley-Re-Fabbed
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  • Brilliant! As a military wife I've moved into 13 houses over his 20 year career, and I can tell you what a pain it is to try and match an existing color. My trick was to open light switches and plugs and see if there was enough drywall/ plaster to break off to take it to be scanned. I will use this hack now in my "forever home". Thanks!