Rotted Bench Redo

3 Materials
2 Days

My friend called and said her brother was going to throw away a bench. Then asked if I wanted it. I said (of course) yes. It was very heavy cast iron ends and back. I somersaulted it over to my truck. Not an easy task since all boards were rotted through except one. So, it was quite wobbly. I thought I would take it apart first but brought the wrong tools. Oh well! Got it into my truck and home.

After boards were removed.
Wire brush and wash

Lots of wire brushing and getting the bench super clean.


Thought I would paint it black, I had this laying around, so, white it is!

Cut and stain
Slat from original bench
Cut boards

I had one slat that wasn’t rotted through for a template for my new boards. I bought weather treated boards. Although after they were cut, I stained them so they would be even better for outside use.

Putting it back together

With the slats cut and stained, it was a matter of just putting it together.


My husband helped put it together since it was so heavy.

Before and after

Moral of the story- if something has great bones- save it! You will be happy you did!

It wasn’t hard at all- just time consuming. Had to cut boards-wait for paint and stain to dry. Also had to have help because of the weight of the cast iron. I would have put “easy” as an option if it were not for those things.

Suggested materials:

  • Weather treated lumbar   (Home Depot)
  • Rust oleum White paint   (Walmart)
  • Outdoor stain   (Garage sale)

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