1. Use Kitchen Cabinets

This project is a great example of how the right entryway furniture can make a huge difference to a home. A kitchen cabinet has been transformed into both a bench and shoe storage, while shiplap and stylish coat hooks have brought a real sense of style to what was a once-neglected part of this property. Get tutorial here

2. Make a Relaxing Space

It is very easy to use a hallway as shoe and coat storage and nothing else, but why not utilize the space in a different way? This entryway furniture idea features a coat closet transformed into a comfortable bench complete with throw pillows, with the homeowner aiming to create an area suited to reading or work, as well as tying your shoes. Get tutorial here

3. Turn a Shelving Unit into a Bench

This mudroom project features wallboards and a rustic feel perfect for a beachy look, but the centerpiece is undoubtedly a shelving unit which has been laid horizontally to become a shoe bench. The addition of some old wood from a headboard has finished the bench off perfectly and helped to create a space which is both functional and stylish. Get tutorial here

4. Transform Empty Wall Space

This project offers inspiration on transforming wall space that lies just inside a front door. Working on a blank canvas can be tough, but this user marked out her vision in chalk on the wall and then gradually built up her the entryway furniture idea. From the benchtop to the use of storage baskets, this would make a stylish addition to any home. Get tutorial here

5. Creating an Entryway from Limited Space

No entryway? No problem! This project offers some hints on how to install entryway furniture in even the most difficult conditions, as this user only had a 30-inch wide piece of wall to work with. Nevertheless, she adds a bit of style with wallpaper, covers an ugly electrical panel, and even manages to fit in some drawers to store handbags and more. Get tutorial here

6. Make a Multi-Purpose Mudroom

In contrast, this project is all about transforming a large mudroom space. After creating a hallway within the room, this Hometalker went on to install storage lockers and dog-friendly items, including a shower and bedding. Finally, a stackable washer and dryer set left room for a sink too, making this room a real multi-purpose masterpiece. Get tutorial here

7. Revamp a Dresser into Entryway Furniture

Finding the right entryway furniture is not always easy, but this project offers some great ideas on how to turn an antique dresser into the perfect option for a hallway. The wood on top has been restored and stained, and it stands in perfect contrast to the chalk white paint used elsewhere. Baskets have also replaced broken drawers at the top to create a real classy-kitschy entryway piece. Get tutorial here

8. Build a Headboard Bench

Another project all about repurposing old items, this project is based on transforming an old headboard into a farmhouse-style bench which would be perfect as entryway furniture. The frame from the bench is made out of the materials taken from the headboard, while it is finished off with chalk paint and gel stain for a distinctive and stylish look. Get tutorial here

9. Turn an Ikea Shelf into a Console

Ikea shelving units offer ideal storage in a range of situations, but this project highlights how a Kallax unit can easily be transformed into a console ideal for use as entryway furniture. Legs are added to increase its height, but are then hidden using molding. Finally, some drawers and baskets are introduced and add the perfect finishing touch. Get tutorial here

10. …Or Turn It into a Bench!

This project features another innovative idea for an Ikea Kallax unit, this time transforming it into a movable bench. After building the unit, this user purchased some wood, created a benchtop and then secured it onto the furniture. The addition of some lockable caster wheels also means this entryway furniture can be used anywhere in the home. Get tutorial here

11. Creating a Coat Rack for a Tight Space

Another perfect idea for if you have limited space; this project is all about creating a coat rack in a small apartment and ensuring the front door can still open. An interesting aspect is how the wooden frame of this entryway furniture rests on the floor, which means that the homeowner could simply use 3M Velcro command strips to secure it to the wall. Get tutorial here

12. Turn Crates into Entryway Furniture

Crates are so useful, and this project reveals how you can transform them into entryway furniture easily. After sanding the crates and applying a color of your choice, experiment with different configurations before securing them with zip ties. If the ties are visible, this project explains how you could cover them with ribbons and flowers for a final flourish. Get tutorial here

13. Use an Old Record Cabinet

Entryway furniture can come in all shapes and sizes and this project illustrates how an old record cabinet can be transformed into a stylish piece of storage. Wood from an old garage shelving unit was used to frame the cabinet, while the addition of some legs and a clever contrasting paint job has given the furniture real mid-century character. Get tutorial here

14. Transform a Coffee Table

This project came about after this Hometalker wished for entryway furniture which looked like her old coffee table. When the table began to split in storage, she realized the solution was to stack the smaller piece on top of the larger and secure them together. It is a great way to make use of furniture that you still have an emotional connection to. Get tutorial here

15. Use a Foam Pad to Make an Entryway Bench

Having somewhere to put on your shoes is ideal for an entryway, and this project is all about creating a bench out of a handful of items. A foam mattress pad is added to a piece of plywood, then covered with leather. Buttons were threaded through the leather to create tufting and some custom hairpin legs finished the piece off beautifully. Get tutorial here

16. Revamp an Old Entertainment Center

Hometalker VintageRustVa had a brainwave when she saw an old entertainment unit on Craigslist and she quickly set to work transforming it into entryway furniture. After changing the structure of the cabinet, she painted it, added fabric for the bench, and also created a stylish watercolor design on its doors. The result is undoubtedly impressive. Get tutorial here

17. A New Use for a Baby Bed

We’ve already seen how a headboard can be used to make a bench, but this project uses an entire baby bed. Hometalker Jeremy Hoffpauir created this impressive design without any structured plan, and the finished article would make a fine addition to any entryway. Furthermore, he even had scraps left to make a bed for his daughter’s doll. Get tutorial here

18. Create a Table from Pallets

Wooden pallets are another versatile item which can be used in a number of ways, and this project demonstrates how you can create an impressive slim entryway table that is sure to fit any space. One of the piece’s most striking aspects is the intricate pattern on the top, which is created by carefully measuring and adding smaller pieces of wood. Get tutorial here