No Entryway? Here's How to Fake a Beautiful and Functional Entryway

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No Entryway? Me too, until I decided to fake one. My project also features a hack for hiding an ugly electrical panel!
Here's the somber before image.  While I did have a five-foot wide wall to work with, my front door swings inward leaving me with a 30-inch wide nook for entryway furniture. I also had an eyesore electrical panel stuck on the wall. The sight of it was making me crazy.
First order of business was carving out the entryway. I used peel and stick vinyl wallpaper to get the job done. I love the fact that it's washable!
I was walking through my local IKEA when I spotted this red cabinet. I pulled out my tape measure and discovered it was big enough to cover my electrical panel. Even better, it cost $39.99!  Unfortunately, the cabinet's original depth was a bit unwieldy.  So I cut in half with a table saw--yeah, this small space, city dweller owns one.  I share how I didn't destroy the veneer on my blog (click the link at the end of this post!)
I also created a vestibule for privacy. Now when I open the door, no one in my building's shared hallway can see inside! You'll need a curved rod to steal this idea. Click on the link below to see what I used.
Ta-da! Now I have a real entryway!

So that you know, I only had a 30-inch wide slice of wall to use. I didn't need to install a coat rack because I have a tiny living room closet. What I really needed was storage for handbags, gloves, hats, keys, mail and my dog's stuff. I whipped up an entryway landing strip using two floating drawers. Check out my blog post for all of my decor tricks including where I got my fab waterproof entryway mat!

Deirdre Sullivan
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Karla McMullen Karla McMullen on Sep 06, 2017
    What have you put in the red box?

  • Tara Tara on Aug 12, 2019

    I'm very confused, so you have to part the curtain to get to the front door? Also, when you open the door is the curtain right there in your face?

  • Kate Kate on Mar 05, 2021

    Couldn't find any info on the floating two shelves, can you help.


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  • Ethel Kirkpatrick Ethel Kirkpatrick on Apr 27, 2017
    Totally amazing! Love the box over the utility... very imaginative! And the little floating drawers are just wonderful!

  • Anne Anne on Aug 04, 2019

    It looks beautiful, I have a door that opens rt into amy Liv rm, where door opens is a divider wall abt 8 x 6 I need lije ur wapapered wall, to put up in front of door, to put some wicker storage bins & in the coat hooks on the wall (if i can figure what to use to make a faux wall) , as it muddy raining or 7 mos of snow here in finger lakes, i just gotta figure what 2 use to build a sm wall as u walk in 4 a hall, my daughter has all the saws, i have 8 pallets that are new to frame top bottom but don't know what to use lije ur wallpaper Ed wall is what I need there, but abt 8x6 (small alcove, even, where do u get seal & from stick wallpaper to reasonable, also need to put over kitch cabs, flak board & and can't b painted, need samding unless I use Chalk paint, trying to make things look nice in 16x80 mobile home, as fighting CA, need to sell, so need to fix for as little as possible, constantly 8 mos of snow too here in western NY by finger lakes. I do have a porch to work w like next to entry steps for bench w cut outs & and put hooks tgere but it's unattached to mobike home, so if rains there's 2 inches between porch & and entry door & to gets wet, id need to put like a sm awning match brown shutters rt on outside of mobile home, & put hooks & under hooks build seat w square storage units 4 boots etc, im handy, late hub was carpenter any 1 have any ideas, email me at annemac50@gmail.comrest of place I replaced sheetrock, in many rooms, muddled, sanded, had a new pipes, hw heater, new subflooring hall laundry room bathroom w linoleum repainted need ideas cheap to help me sell to get outta here & to fl w my kids grandkids(grown) to go thru chemo w ithout being alone. Bedroom needs painting, hate paint, messy at that, so going to get that peel & seal 90ft x 3 ft rolls, of bboard saw, but for an12x16 room, don't know how many aq ft I need, I can do wallpaper ING good, at 66,thats what I learned frm my mom as a kid, I put up waterproof leftover flooring, in light grey as backsplash, looks great, I used 1 sheet barnwood paneling to put 3 ft up 1 wall in ea rm 4 an accent wall in ea rm & and I accidently painted the bathroom cool, was dk grren, had gal of light kinda turq green, i dropped a sponge I was goin to use for wipes, in gallon, didn't know what to do w soaked sponge, slipped, it hit the wall, made a neat swirl, so i used the sponge to swirl over the drk green in entire bathroom, i get so many compliments on it lol HELP w some inexpensive ideas please anyone

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    • Julia Evans Julia Evans on May 08, 2021

      Hi 👋🏼 Sounds to me like you have not only survived, but thrived in some very rough circumstances! I don’t envy your situation and I’m sorry to hear about your husband. I’m not very creative or imaginative as it seems like you are, but I would look on Google images or Pinterest for the things you want to do. Be specific and you might find exactly what you’re looking for. You definitely need to sell that place and move south. A trailer in upstate NY sounds dangerous 😂 move down by me in southeastern PA. Our winter will feel like springtime to you 👍🏽!! I wish you the best.