Asked on Jul 17, 2016

Electrical panel box coverup and storage in entry way

Linda Bryant
by Linda Bryant
We have a tiny rental house that is under renovation and we have an electrical box to the left of the front door...we are looking for coat, shoe, & key storage and a cover up for the entry box at the entry way...any ideas that are simple, inexpensive and don't require carpentry?
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  • Constance G Constance G on Jul 17, 2016
    Is it flush with the wall? Have any pictures of existing area?
  • Ceeshae Ceeshae on Jul 18, 2016
    I've got a 40 yr old electricity box at out front door also, we painted it same colour as the wall, I've put Balinese wall decals on it and hung some artifical greenery from the top to hang over the edge. You can't put a real plant because of water. I've also put a plant stand along the same wall and have put pots on top and underneath so it's full of greenery. You can hardly see the box now
  • Joyce Joyce on Jul 18, 2016
    I have a box in my kitchen by the door entrance into the living room. I measured and found a framed picture (Rooster) to cover the box. No one ever knows. I have the picture hung on a nail by a knotted rope, therefore I am able to swing the picture back to open the box, which I do often to cut my electric hot water off and off. I know this is not exactly what you were looking for, but maybe someone else can use this suggestion.
  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Jul 18, 2016
    I'd put a Picture over the box with cup hooks along the bottom for keys. The coats would need a board long enough for all the coats and some hooks to hold the coats. A plastic mat could be put under the coats for those wet/muddy shoes and a basket for the umbrellas.
  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Jul 18, 2016
    Just remembered. You can often find an over the door coat rack that will usually hold 4 or 5 coats.
  • Sue Sue on Jul 18, 2016
    Can also "dress" it up. Make a frame of wood, paint it to match an interior door to make it look like a mini door.
  • Mp.5082560 Mp.5082560 on Jul 18, 2016
    I covered mine with a white dry erase surface then used a picture frame to cover the electric panel door. Now I have a message board and magnetic board there for pictures within the frame as well.
  • Wendy Smith Wendy Smith on Jul 19, 2016
    Here's how I covered mine