I have a large wall of mirrors, 8/12 foot wall. Thinking of removing?

Thinking if removing, the condo is small and it makes the rooms look bigger. But I feel it dates the house
foyer update ideas, home decor, wall decor, That s me standing at front door anyone have any ideas
That's me standing at front door, anyone have any ideas?
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  • Pam Haselton Pam Haselton on Oct 14, 2014
    Hi Lisa, I agree that the mirror dates the entry. You could remove and repair wall and probably get the same effect from a decorative mirror. You never know though, you may find some other inspiration once you pull it down.

  • Harvey Painting Co. Harvey Painting Co. on Oct 15, 2014
    Talk to your mirror person about some sort of custom framing..Also, with their experience,what would he suggest ?

  • Bernie Runk Bernie Runk on Oct 15, 2014
    You could glue paneling,or wood horizontally,over the glass for a contemporary look,but still keep the effect of the glass peeking through for depth.

  • The Chirping Frog The Chirping Frog on Oct 15, 2014
    What about the "etching" stuff for mirrors... You could basically stencil the mirror with that stuff and maybe get an interesting effect.

  • Anna Ibarra Anna Ibarra on Oct 15, 2014
    Agree w/all but if cost is a plus, why don't you try thinking of some of these ideas. Also, I've seen treatment on mirrors that makes it look like aging effect.

  • Brenda LeCloux Brenda LeCloux on Oct 15, 2014
    What about using fabric and starch on the mirror, something temporary until you really know what you want to do. Starch should stick to the mirror and fabric, endless possbilities.

  • Debbie Harris Debbie Harris on Oct 16, 2014
    Here's the thing... If you do one of those aging treatments and don't like it... If you glue something on it and don't like it... Before you just take it down, put up a curtain or covering to see how the room will feel without the mirrored size. If your okay with that then either pay the money to have it professionally removed and repair the drywall underneath OR Use the mirrors as an art canvas. Paint the glass even if it is chalk paint. Put inspirational wording either painted or stick on. Hang pictures from them (there are hangers for mirrors). Paint can be removed without a professional but unless you know how to replace or repair drywall...Just suggestions...

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Oct 16, 2014
    I'd be cautious. Do you know how the mirror is attached? You could buy that colour tape and break it up with squares, diagonals, etc. for a kind of feature wall.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Oct 16, 2014
    Before you take all this down, why not cover it and see if it feels closed in. You could get some butcher paper and tape it over the mirrors. If you still want it gone, get a professional to take it down. Large mirrors are very dangerous. Make sure they have workman's comp insurance...have their agent assign the policy to you and fax/mail you a copy. The vendor's claim of "fully insured" does not mean W/C. Get assigned on their liability too!

  • Pamela Pamela on May 01, 2015
    Wallpaper over it.