How to make my mud room "user friendly"??!

The mud room is the first room a person walks in to at my house (I live in the country, everyone uses the back door). But this room is 6' wide and 12' long; walls are stucco and cement block. It contains a washer and dryer, small shelf unit, huge furnace, and an upright freezer. The other end of the room also has a small shelf unit (got to put stuff somewhere!) and concrete steps to the basement. Oh yes, the floor is also concrete with outdoor carpet laid over it.

Is there any hope for this room??

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  • Mogie Mogie on Jun 14, 2018
    Personalize it to fit your needs. Have pets keep them in mind. Need more storage then add storage.

  • Amy B Reineri Amy B Reineri on Jun 14, 2018
    You just have to make it "say" people are welcome. Color helps a lot, as does some decoration. I would take out the indoor/outdoor carpet, use concrete paint on the floor and put down a nice indoor/outdoor area rug instead - or put down an indoor area rug that isn't expensive and clean it/replace it periodically. Use block filler and paint to make the block wall a nice color - maybe sunshine yellow or a soothing teal color - match a color in the rug if the rug isn't neutral. You can paint the stucco, but that takes a ton of paint. Put up a good-sized sign that says "welcome" or "bless this mess" or something entrance-like. Install tall shelf cabinets instead of open shelving and decorate those as well if you like. Put in a nice light fixture rather than the plain old ones we have in mud rooms usually. If you decorate a little towards the "shabby chic" side, the furnace won't stand out. Just give people other things to focus on when they come in - like colors, the sign, the rug or the light fixture. You could put in an entranceway seat/boot/coat peg unit if you have any room for one across from the washer/dryer - you can get them only 12-16" deep or make one. Some people might get a dressing screen and set it up around the washer/dryer when not in use, but it will be a pain to keep moving it. Or you could put in side panels to cut off some of the view to them and maybe a roll-down blind overtop so folks don't see any laundry baskets waiting to be done on top of the machines. Or just buy some amazing laundry baskets and celebrate the room being a laundry. The sign could be one of those faux shop signs "LAUNDRY 5 cents" or something like that. I like the seat/boot/coat hook units because that becomes a mud-area within the mudroom and the bins or nooks underneath hold boots, bags, etc. But decorating the room as if it's part of the house and enclosed shelving to hide the uglier practicalities should make it a nice place to walk in to.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jun 14, 2018
    I LOVE Amy B. Reineri’s ideas! Outside my backdoor, I have a raggedy country stuffed doll holding a Welcome Home sign. Makes me fill good every time I enter. In the kitchen I have a sign reading something like ”Guests Always Welcome- Relatives by Appointment”. My family is always welcome, but the sign makes me giggle. I saw a sign I want to copy one day that said: Grandma’s Rules: Feed ‘em, Play with ‘em, Send ‘em Home. I truly enjoy my grandchildren, but at the end of a long summer week, I’m happy for them to go home and visit more later. Those little plaques and signs can really affect your mood sometimes. ☺️

  • Peggy Peggy on Jun 15, 2018
    Cute signs.

  • Peggy Peggy on Jun 17, 2018
    Great ideas!! I have a room divider screen I can put around the heater. Change the material to “wash day” print, has tea light holders I can put flowers in, remove them and string clothes line & clothes pins.....Order a coat rack with a bench......
    I’m excited! Thanks everyone!