Tiny entry way. How to decorate?

I have the smallest entry way with virtually no room for furniture. Any ideas how to make this space functional and pretty?
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Tiny entry way.
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  • Michelle Michelle on Jun 20, 2013
    Thanks, Anna! This is awesome!

  • Trent-Tonya Sharp Trent-Tonya Sharp on Jun 20, 2013
    If you cant find a table small enough remember you can cut it in half so it will not be to wide and a mirror is a must always helps small spaces look more open (and you can check your pretty smile out before leaving) :)

  • Michelle Michelle on Jun 20, 2013
    That's a good point! There isn't much light in the space so a mirror would definitely brighten it up! Thanks Trent-Tonya Sharp!

  • Alaya Alaya on Jun 20, 2013
    I used a shelf as a table in mine since I have the same issue with space. Also, cant go wrong with a mirror.

  • Jamala W Jamala W on Jun 20, 2013
    I would suggest do a wall of mirrors to make the space appear larger.. also..maybe a floor vase with some sort of arragemets..

  • Michelle Michelle on Jun 20, 2013
    I checked out your space, Alaya, and I def think that would work for mine!

  • Michelle Michelle on Jun 20, 2013
    Jamala, I love the wall of mirrors idea!

  • Great suggestions on the decor. It also looks like you have some good start and stop points on the walls. You can further define this space with paint. In such a small area, do a subtle shift of color that will work as a "suggestion" rather than something bold. Look to the furnishings and color scheme in the next room for inspiration about what color will work best. Also, avoid the temptation to add any kind of finish because it will over power the space. If you still need some punch, do it with a fun new area rug.

  • Neatsmart Neatsmart on Jun 21, 2013
    These are all great suggestions. Maybe you could look into adding a shelf that mounts to the wall in lieu of a table? I'm not sure of the dimensions but a lot of places like Home Goods and Target have those. A mirror is a must. If you use this as your main entry, make sure you've got a place to gather your keys, sunglasses, etc so that they don't get lost in the rest of your house. Some artwork would be nice, too. You can even frame some postcards to put above the light switches.

  • Kimberly Barney Kimberly Barney on Jun 21, 2013
    I see an issue with all the doors that you have in your small entry wall but with that I also see three corners that could benefit from having corner picture rails installed so that you could display various items that could be changed out with the season or simply as your mood changes. The rails could be painted white to match the trim and door to allow your displays to pop or they could be painted gray, black or any other color to bring in a pop of color with the shelves. I like the idea of the mirror, too, with a half table which could also be used for storage of keys as well as an additional display area that could be changed out. Remember that the entry is the first statement for the rest of your home. The rug doesn't do anything for the space right now. If you want color, look into making your own rug either from a drop cloth or sisal rug that you can add color to or make a t-shirt or rag rug that can truly bring in color.

  • Mary Thorne Mary Thorne on Jun 21, 2013
    My entryway is smaller :(

  • Sharry Speaks Closter Sharry Speaks Closter on Jun 21, 2013
    I agree about a small long table, with a small lamp, a dish to put your keyes in when you walk into the door. A mirror over that is nice or even a big framed picture. No family picture and not a bunch of small pictres either( to much clutter & dusting). Even some greenery is nice too.

  • Supernewf Supernewf on Jun 21, 2013
    A nice little side table with a mirror above.

  • Diane Diane on Jun 21, 2013
    Mirror's are a good way to fool the eye into feeling spacious, and brightens the area too. I could be a grouping of somall to medium size mirrors or one large (tall) mirror to draw the eye upward.

  • Betty Webb Betty Webb on Jun 21, 2013
    Just add a decorative board across the wall with pretty hooks to hang coats, scarves,umbrella and such and maybe a self floating shelf above that with knick knacks, pictures or small floral arrangement and maybe a colorful rug.

  • Sondra A Sondra A on Jun 21, 2013
    You could wallpaper with a light colored simple pattern. Place a large mirror on the wall. I also like the long narrow table. If you want to put more into it you could take out the hall closet and and fix it up with hooks, table, shoe/boot holders, etc. Somewhere on HT I saw someone else had done this and it looked amazing.

  • Cindy W Cindy W on Jun 21, 2013
    I would add tall plant tables flanking each side of the door, A wall of mirrors on the right side wall when facing the door A geometric colored rug. and 2 small matching pictures above the plant tables . If you can find the space maybe a metal coat rack that you can attach to the wall.!

  • Clarence N Clarence N on Jun 21, 2013
    To make the narrow passage way appear more spacious paint 3-d graphics on the walls. For ideas see Facebook-Hawaii Fiber Optic Lighting!!! Clarence "Tulips"

  • Larose LoganOakes Larose LoganOakes on Jun 21, 2013
    Hi Michelle!Question- Is this a rental? If so you have to be careful not to go overboard if you choose to do any painting. These small areas tend to get clogged up with what-nots and such.I see a nice size mirror on the wall to the right of the front door and maybe a corner cabinet to the left of the door. It would be nice if you could find one of those old fashioned coat racks with the seat and the built in mirror.I just love those but sometimes they are just too massive. I think they call those coat trees.Here is a pic of a nice small corner cabinet.This one is currently listed on ebay.

  • Susan Susan on Jun 21, 2013
    A library table with lamp, wall coat rack, umbrella stand and some pics on the walls would make this entry hall very inviting.

  • Michelle Michelle on Jun 21, 2013
    Larose, it is a rental so my options are pretty limited. Thanks for the suggestions! My creative juices are flowing!

  • Stu188546 Stu188546 on Jun 21, 2013
    we stayed in a lovely old apartment in Paris with a small entry It was painted with a mural and had a small table. It think for your entry you might find a mural wallpaper and hang a decorative shelf with a mirror over it. It could really pop. Maybe a black and white check for an entry mat???

  • Accentuations! Accentuations! on Jun 21, 2013
    COLOR!!! Hi Michelle...are you able to paint? or paper? Not sure if you are renting? If you have the freedom to move forward I would definately paint the entry a subtle color for contrast and utilize art, mirrors and even furniture to liven it up...Demilune (half tables) are available everywhere so that you could have somewhere to drop the mail or your keys when you come in. If you are more adventurous I would check garage and tag sales for a sofa table that you love and then have it cut in half horizontally. Mounting it on the wall will "L" brackets is simple to do also. (just ask me) You could even paint it a nice bright color. Mirrors always work as art and provide light when hung opposite a light source and will brighten the area as well. If you look on line, there are many places with murals available---these will fit the wall but yet be removable when you leave. Don't forget a nice bright area rug!! Sallie

  • Christine Green Christine Green on Jun 21, 2013
    Have something just down the hall to immediately get their attention. If its small most people are looking ahead anyway.

  • Tamara Tamara on Jun 21, 2013
    In the corner between the closet and front door, I think I might install some wall mounted corner shelves to hold small decorative items. Maybe a vase of flowers, a photo or two, atop the shelf but leaning into the wall, not mounted or in a big frame, but something sandwiched between two pieces of glass. Clean and spare, not cluttery. A decorative bowl for keys. While not every space has to be filled, this is an otherwise dead space and as your foyer is so small, you don't want to overwhelm with a ton of nick knacks. Perhaps on the larger wall to the right you could put in a collection of black and white artwork or photography and intersperse some pieces with color. Again, you don't want to overwhelm, however adding some interesting pieces will work wonders. I am not so sure affixing shelving to that right wall is a good idea. Even a shallow shelf or ledge will project out too far and people are bound to walk into it, either harming themselves on the corners or knocking down whatever you've put on the shelves. I believe you'd have the same issue with thin tables or half tables. You are simply asking for stuff to be broken as well as cluttering up a space which is small. Adding furniture is only going to make it look smaller. Additionally, I believe if you paint more than one wall you are going to close up the space. The nice thing about white is that it makes spaces look bigger. If you add color, do only the wall where the front door is, or, the right wall. There are also systems which you can use to hang artwork by installing a rod across the top of the wall, close to the ceiling and then adding a series of bars and hooks from which to hang the framed or unframed pieces. Take a look at a few different brands by Googling "artwork hanging system". There are loads of examples including wrought iron, wood, cool looking wires with metal clips, etc. Good luck and I'd love to see what you end up with. ♥

  • Caroline Hargrove Caroline Hargrove on Jun 21, 2013
    I would find a narrow table that would fit in the space to the right of the door as we are seeing it in the picture. A long mirror eye level above the table, small arrangement of silk flowers or dried flowers depending on the season, perhaps a long narrow basket on the table to drop mail etc into. The wall appears to have a set back, could be a place for hooks for hanging coats etc, umbrella stand in the corner and perhaps a shelf for gloves, hats etc. If possible would paint the set back area a soft color, tan, pastel etc to make it a stand alone accent wall. A long runner rug inside the door plain color or a design that would make the space appear larger. Mirrors are always a good thing to use for enlarging the looks of a space.

  • Sharon Bartel-Reeves Sharon Bartel-Reeves on Jun 21, 2013
    On the right side of the door make a shelf about 3ft wide by 8 inches deep above that put a good sized mirror and sconces on each side of that. It will make the area look wider and you can put a pretty flower arrangement on the shelf and your keys etc and have plenty of foot room under .

  • Amanda DeLoach Amanda DeLoach on Jun 21, 2013
    may need to be careful putting a shelf on the wall for me when you walk in the door if there were a shelf there it may feel as if you are going to walk into it....they do make narrow sofa tables that would work there or like someone said may a hook rack to put coats etc...with a nice mirror above it.

  • Lisa's Creative Designs Lisa's Creative Designs on Jun 21, 2013
    A large mirror would definitely make the space look larger. How about some wall decals or a small mural if you like to paint?

  • Larose LoganOakes Larose LoganOakes on Jun 21, 2013
    Here is a painting 20x20 that I bought off of ebay and I didn't want to frame it so I hung it on this white hanging coat rack with fuschia colored ribbon and I added the silk flowers to disguise the hooks.Food for thought.

  • Kay Smith Kay Smith on Jun 21, 2013
    In my tiny studio (Brushworks) bathroom, I used floral fabric to cover its walls as the plastic paneling could not be painted. Either tack at top and bottom with staples or thumbtacks for instant removable "wallpaper". Also the fabric can be totally wet with liquid starch, wrung out, and manually pressed into place. A small demilune table is in entryway and here are some pix. Shown is the painted vinyl floor with ordinary latex house paint done without sanding/prepping/sealing. Easy and fun! Hope this gives you some ideas.

  • Bar_john Bar_john on Jun 21, 2013
    A simply console table approx 10" in depth ...wide enough hold a lamp and a Dish/bowl to put key etc. and a mirror overhead... check amazon to get ideas. In the corner by the closet door a plant (living) if you don't like plants a decorative Umbrella stand with a small painting/print hung above. A Round rug would help in not making the space seem so tight...Godd Luck!

  • Bar_john Bar_john on Jun 21, 2013
    Here is a nice table...the colour looks good against the white

  • Gay Storm Gay Storm on Jun 21, 2013
    It definitely needs some color. You could start with a livelier entry rug, that one just doesn't grab me. A very small table with a mirror above it would dress it up.

  • Txvoodoo Txvoodoo on Jun 21, 2013
    If the door to the left of the front door is a closet, consider removing the door, installing shelves, stenciling/painting/wallpapering the back, to sort of create a niche? You could even put in a hall tree, with a little bench and hooks above.

  • Christie Tracy Christie Tracy on Jun 21, 2013
    Pegs on the walls for hanging coats & narrow bench with storage underneath for shoes & boots. Add some color to the walls, replace the picture with a mirror, and a seasonal wreath on the door.

  • Marianne Green Marianne Green on Jun 22, 2013
    1) I would lean a large, floor mirror on the right, bare wall. (Not a closet or bedroom mirror that you hang behind a door.) HomeGoods has really good prices on LARGE floor mirrors, also IKEA. Hang hooks, or pegs, on both sides of the mirror, for guest's coats, etc. 2) In the left corner, place an umbrella stand (complement the mirror in color.) Then place some corner shelves above the umbrella stand for your keys, etc. See pic included. 3) Change the rug.

  • Kim Dagenais Kim Dagenais on Jun 22, 2013
    I kind of have the same entrance as you have, only on the opposite side. Originally I was into different shades of grey, but noticed that because there isn't that much light that the colour was too depressing. So I changed to medium beige, a darker paper bag colour for the opposite wall and off white to light beige for all the trims. I added a mirror, a large entrance mat, a runner, and my husband made me a skinny console table from scrap wood. Then we hung artwork on the walls. I feel if the walls have artwork from the entrance down the hallway then it makes it looks complete. You could even put some floating shelves a couple feet above the console table (Ikea) with some lights (ikea) that can be installed on the under side or top side depending if you hang artwork or not. Good lighting is also important. If you aren't into repainting, then just add some bright colour accent to boost the energy. Good luck on your project.

  • Michelle Michelle on Jun 22, 2013
    Thanks, everyone! Love the idea of a really skinny console. And the current rug has got to go!

  • Larose LoganOakes Larose LoganOakes on Jun 22, 2013
    Michelle, you might want to consider painting the rug rather than trashing it or replacing it.Lately there has been a lot of talk on HT where people have painted their rugs and they are lovely. I would look it up and give it a try. Besides you already own the rug.If you mess up then there is no loss.http://www.hometalk.com/454650/painted-rug# here is the link to someone that painted their rug.

  • Lori J Lori J on Jun 22, 2013
    Could you turn that closet into a mini-mud room style unit? A low bench with a nice cushion, nooks underneath for storage, wainscot on the back--maybe chippy with a punch of color, a piece of wood on the horizontal for hooks? Keep it as intended for coats and such, but change the look.

  • Michelle Michelle on Jun 22, 2013
    @Larose D. Logan-Oakes. thanks for the idea! I thought about trying the over dyed rug thing. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Jenny@birdsandsoap Jenny@birdsandsoap on Jun 22, 2013
    A mirror on that blank wall would reflect the light in that space. And it's nice to have a look before you head out the door. Either a console table underneath, or maybe just a wall shelf since you are low on space.

  • Larose LoganOakes Larose LoganOakes on Jun 23, 2013
    You're welcome! Please let us know how it turns out with pics of course. You know we are all dying to see the finished project.:)

  • Shelley Paul Shelley Paul on Jun 23, 2013
    Hi Michelle, You could build a quarter round shelf to go between the two doors in the corner. Use your favorite smaller nick nacks on it to show off your personality. A trip to the home depot would give you everything you need. A cosy area rug would add color and texture also.

  • Definitely a skinny console, mirror and coat rack/hook bar. Maybe a rug that goes the other way might make the room feel bigger? Would love to see what you come up with!

  • Michelle Michelle on Nov 19, 2013
    Thanks, Ashley! I'm actually almost done with it and I'll be posting pictures of it on my blog soon!

  • NancyMaria NancyMaria on Sep 28, 2016
    Glad to hear you are almost done. Just saw this post and it is wonderful too. http://www.hometalk.com/21898529/stenciled-ha...