Finally! Easily Remove a Popcorn Ceiling With This New Ceiling Scraper

Thank goodness for this new scraper, finally a DIY option for Popcorn Ceiling!
The tool is the Homax 6100 Ceiling Texture Scraper.
Under $20! >>
WARNING: Ceiling texture that was applied before 1979 should not be removed without having it tested for asbestos.
Easy as 1,2,3 !

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  • Linda kelley Linda kelley on Apr 08, 2016
    What does the ceiling look like after you remove the popcorn? Do you have to do anything to the ceiling afterwards?
  • Kse4864314 Kse4864314 on Apr 09, 2016
    Are popcorn ceilings the same world wide, I tried to scape off our bathroom ceiling and all it really did was take the skin off my knuckles so we had to remove and replace it with new gyprock. This stuff is hard like concrete. Do you put something on first to soften it, then scape it off? We have a large lounge room to do as well, it would cost a small fortune to replace.
  • Michele Roundtree Michele Roundtree on Mar 24, 2017
    The picture is a little blurry, is the bag attached with tape?


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  • Jackie Byrd Jackie Byrd on Sep 13, 2016
    You don't want it too wet otherwise you will wet the drywall under the popcorn and it will be easy to damage it. Just try it ! Spray, wait, scrape. It is doesn't slice off, spray some more. If you can figure out how to use a computer and post on this forum, you'll figure out how much to spray quickly. Plus, there are numerous YouTube videos on removing popcorn ceilings that you can watch.
  • TJ TJ on Sep 18, 2016
    Our house is about 35 years old (post asbestos). When I decided to remove the popcorn ceiling, I couldn't believe how easy it was. Sprayed small amount of water and used a wide blade. I thought it would take some elbow grease to scrape it off - - nope. My first scrape (with elbow grease), I almost took off some drywall and fell forward. It is very messy - the big home stores have inexpensive paper coveralls with hood and wear protective goggles (my glasses didn't keep it out of my eyes).