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When it comes to fur and rugs you automatically think of a faux fur rug, correct? So you must think to yourself, "so much money". I know it can be quite pricey to purchase these rugs, no matter what size they are. So why not make it on your own? Spending less than $50 for a 2 yard rug, who doesn't want that! Simple and Easy steps.
Check the video out of me showing you how to do this FAUX FUR RUG, step by step!
Step 1
Lay out the 2 yard faux fur rug on the place where you would like for it to stay. On a flat surface, lay the rug on the non-furry side.
Step 2
Place the 2 yard cotton quilt on top of the non-furry side of the rug. As it's laid flat on the floor, pick up the adhesive spray and start spraying the place where you would like the cotton quilt to be. Quickly pick up the cotton quilt and place it on the area you sprayed.
Step 4
REPEAT UNTIL EVERY PART OF THE COTTON QUILT IS STICKING TO THE RUG. Quickly spray the whole area where you would like the adhesive spray to stick, along where the cotton quilt will be placed. *TIP: The spray dries out quickly, so spray and stick the cotton quilt onto the rug.*
Step 5
Place the 5x8 rug pad on top of the cotton quilt. The same exact step you do for the cotton quilt you do for the rug pad. Spray the rug pad and stick it on top of the cotton quilt. Repeat until all of the rug pad is glued onto the cotton quilt.

Step 6
Cut the excess of the rug pad that was left with your scissors. (DONT CUT YOURSELF!)
Step 7
Lay out flat all of the rug pad making sure the whole rug is sticking to the cotton quilt. Always make sure the sides/corners of the rug pad is sticking to the rug.
Step 8
Vacuum your rug by always lifting up your vacuum and not dragging it back and forth. Since the rug is new, by dragging it back and forth will make the vacuum get sucked in. Vacuuming the carpet will take the excess of fur that was left on the rug.
(Cutting the corners of the rug is an option if you're not interested in a pointy corner and more of a round corner).

Suggested materials:

  • 2 YARDS of FAUX FUR RUG   (Jo-Ann Fabrics)
  • 2 YARDS of COTTON QUILT   (Jo-Ann Fabrics)
  • 5x8 RUG PAD   (WAL-MART)
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