Easily Remove Silicone Caulk without Chemicals

1 Hour
Cracked or separated silicone caulk is an eyesore.
In addition, it can lead to water ruining walls, ceilings, and more!
This past weekend I removed the silicone between our kitchen counters and tile backsplash.
The surprising twist is that I used my wife's hair dryer to make this project move faster than Danica Patrick!!
Yes, I asked for my wife's permission (I've learned my lesson).
If you want to easily remove old silicone caulk without a chemical caulk remover use a hair dryer and straight razor blade.

Any residue that remains can either be scraped off further with the razor and then cleaned with rubbing alcohol.
If you have an acrylic tub or plastic surround in your bathroom just be careful with high heat. I tested the output of the hair dryer with a thermometer and it showed the temperature only got up to 200F, just enough to soften the silicone caulk and not damage the countertops.
For additional tips and a very short movie (not long enough to eat a sleeve of Girl Scout thin mints) visit my blog post at http://www.homerepairtutor.com/easily-remove-silicone-caulk/

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Use a hair dryer and straight razor to remove old silicone caulk
A straight razor works nicely because it cuts through the caulk.
Use the lowest setting on the hair dryer that softens the silicone caulk.
Always ask your wife or girlfriend for permission before using their hair dryer for DIY projects!!!
The Homax caulk removal tool is another option for, you guessed, removing caulk :)

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  • Sandra Sandra on Jun 04, 2016
    great on how to remove but how do you replace it????


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  • Mary Lou Benson Mary Lou Benson on Feb 28, 2015
    Would this work for excess grout on tiles in backsplash?

    • Mini Mini on Sep 21, 2021

      I don't think so. Grout is harder.

  • Awesome tip! I need to remove caulking and cracked slivers on edge of bathroom sink. How and why it has done this who knows.just need to stave off purchase of new sink, so will be recaulkng with wide bead.