Floor Rug From a Window Blind

2 Materials
1 Hour

Transform an old bamboo window blind into a floor rug in no time at all.

This water damaged blind was almost as mangy as the window that it covered. Fortunately we replaced the window and I was left with this. I suppose you could also reimagine it as fire kindling but as it happens we need rugs, plenty of them. And since there was some leftover paint, I thought I'd experiment a bit and see of would work as a rug. It turned out surprisingly well.

Cutting the frame off with a box-cutter was easy. In fact, once it was off I had to be really careful that the rest of the slats would not unravel too.

I thinned some white external PVA paint with water and gave the blind a whitewash with a paintbrush. At first I was concerned that the paint would clump in the rope weave but it turns out that it repels it. The other concern was that the water stains would show through but happily they didn’t.

Getting the right ratio between paint and water was a bit of a thumb suck and I ended up going over everything with a bit more paint added to the mix. You also have to wait for everything to dry properly before you get a real idea of how thick or even the whitewash is.

With everything dry, there was a bit more trimming to do.

Thick, decorative duct tape is a perfect solution for edging. I cut a manageable strip and put half of it (up to the mid-point of the tape when lain horizontally) beneath the blind. Duct tape can be really irritating to fold with but this particular one behaved quite nicely.

Instead of working from the back, you could start from the top and stick the tape then fold it over to the back side as is done below. Use a row of bamboo as a guide.

Continue with more strips, overlapping the pieces slightly and ensuring that they match up in width. Do this to at least all the sides that have raw edges, if not all four sides.

And that, folks, is all there is to it! The rug is ready to be used. If you were concerned about it slipping, you could add some non-slip dots.

Suggested materials:

  • Duct tape
  • PVA paint

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  • Amanda Callahan Amanda Callahan on Sep 30, 2021

    It’s not a question, I just wanted to say that you done a great job on this!! I am not a very creative person so this really surprised me with how nice it turned out!!

  • Lin28188711 Lin28188711 on Sep 30, 2021

    Does it slip when you walk on it? Always concerned about tripping over rugs.

  • Jeanette Jeanette on Oct 07, 2021

    Where did you find the duck tape?


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  • Lois Glenn Lois Glenn on Oct 07, 2021

    How strong is the bamboo. I would be leary of walking on it. I'm guessing the answer is in the fact that you used it as a rug! It's that sturdy??

    • Thea Thea on Oct 07, 2021

      Look, it’s definitely not going to last forever. It seems to be very similiar to a traditional grass mat, (so not a seagrass one but a traditional African one with long blades of grass). They also only last a while after which they are thrown out. But this one is bio-degradable, cheap, doesn’t take much effort to make and makes use of something which is irritating to get of.

  • Lois Glenn Lois Glenn on Oct 07, 2021

    Oh, I did not mean to sound like it was a dumb idea! I love the idea, especially to save something that is hard to otherwise get rid of, like you said. I just was curious about the sturdiness of it. It helps to know what room to put it in. I apologize if I came off sounding like it was an insult to you!! Not at all how I meant it. Thank you for your answer that covered everything. Keep up the good work!!

    • Thea Thea on Oct 07, 2021

      Not at all! It’s a perfectly reasonable question . I’m also just thinking out loud. 😃