How To Make a Rug From Table Runners: A Cheap and Easy DIY Project

If you're looking to add a touch of coziness to your home without spending a fortune, making a rug from thrift store table runners is a fantastic and budget-friendly solution.

In this step-by-step guide, I'll walk you through the process of creating a unique homemade rug using simple materials and minimal effort.

Let's dive in!

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Tools and Materials:

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DIY rug craft with thrifted table runners

1. Selecting the Table Runners

Start your rug craft project by choosing a couple of table runners from the thrift store. Look for variety in textures and patterns.

I used two thick woven table runners and one long gingham-patterned runner.

Step-by-step guide for creating rugs from table runners

Lay out your runners and If you have one that is longer, trim it down to the correct size.

Inexpensive homemade rug tutorial

2. Attach Your Table Runners

Once you have trimmed your pieces down, place 2 table runners on a flat surface with the good side facing down and the backsides facing up.

Simple no-sew rug project using duct tape

Opting for a no-sew approach, use strong duct tape to secure the table runners together.

Budget-friendly rug ideas for cozy home corners

Take your time to align everything accurately and press the tape firmly along the seams.

Transforming table runners into stylish area rugs

Once you have attached the first two, add a third.

Easy and affordable ways to make your own rug

Lay the runner down with the good side facing down, and let the middle rug slightly overlap the final runner.

Area rugs for cheap

Attach them with tape.

DIY area rug ideas

4. Ensuring Even Edges

Flip the rug over to check that the edges are even all the way around.

How to make area rugs for cheap home decor

If adjustments are needed, flip the rug back over and old and press the excess material down.

How to make area rugs for cheap home decor

Then, secure it with duct tape.

More Rug DIY’s

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Affordable home decor with thrift store finds

How to Make a Rug From Table Runners

Once the rug is assembled and the edges are perfected, find the ideal spot in your home to showcase your creation.

I placed my DIY rug in a cozy nook, instantly giving the space a touch of warmth.

Creative rug-making using strong duct tape

So, next time you're at the thrift store, grab a few table runners and embark on your rug-making journey.

Share your creations in the comments below!

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  • Lin27844211 Lin27844211 on Feb 20, 2024
    Prewash , to prevent shrinkage. Replace duct tape with iron on sewing tape so that you can wash it. To keep cleaner, coat with watered down decoupage glue..
  • Lacey Lacey on Feb 20, 2024
    Iron when done.