How to Replace a Tile and Save Some Shekels

2-3 Hours
Tiling projects can be EXPENSIVE.
I learned this firsthand when we had to tile a basement floor.
You can save yourself a ton of money replacing your own cracked tiles.
I recently had to do this repair and thought I'd share a ton of tips that will make tile repairs super straight forward and easy.
You'll still have to put in the work but you can totally save $50-$100 doing this project yourself.
For all the details and a great step-by-step video check out this link
Hope this helps you with your next tiling project :)
Replace a cracked tile and save yourself some money
Wear hearing protection
Multi tools reduce grout to dust
Add blue tape to the tile and drill holes into it with carbide tipped drill bit
Chisel out the holes with a cold chisel and hammer
Switch to a 3 inch floor chisel to remove large chunks, and always work from the inside to the perimeter when removing tile
Dislodge old thin-set with a chisel and hammer
Dry fit the new tile
Add thin-set to the void in the floor and back butter the new tile
Float grout into the grout joints and seal the grout

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  • Building Moxie Building Moxie on Mar 23, 2014
    great tips Jeff. and I'm sure you know as much as you need ear protection you need eye protection on this one. whoa! not a bad idea too to protect things like a tub, I keep cardboard lying around just for these kinda things. All and all you're right, with know-how a very easy fix. I find that the hardest part being getting the existing mortar out,so the new tile isn't elevated ... even harder if the tiles been down for a long time. the cold chisel too is usually my first choice (as they get beat up) ... a tile stone can come in handy too. for more challenging repairs I have reached for the girder, but this is messy. when all else fails - a diamond concrete cutting cup. $$. cheers. jb

  • Valerie Valerie on Mar 24, 2014
    Thank you for another one of your excellent tutorials! I will be keeping this information in case I need it in the future!