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This is the odd room where we store our antique Chickering Square Grand Piano (I LOVE this piano). This room is between the kitchen and the garage, but it had a carpet and too much foot traffic - yucky and boring. So here we go...
First, we added some window trim to make the windows more attractive. Then, we ripped out the yucky carpet.
Poor Hubby...
I don't have pics of the floor leveling , but we did have to do some floor leveling (where the piano sat was low). Then, as we did with our other floor, we laid down Red Guard for extra moisture protection as it is an old house. First, we mapped out the room to see where the center is to start. Then the fun started...
Finding the center is tough
After finding the center, Lewis started in the center of our design. Our original design was much simpler, but being me I had to complicate it a bit by adding more. We cut and fit 12" tiles, then added 1" copper-colored glass tiles around it.
We then added the wood-look tile around each of those. At this point, we had not even thought about having to use 2 different colored grouts. YIKES.
It was all coming together fairly well at this point. We actually used 4 different colored tiles in this floor and Hubby wasn't entirely sure about it...
Here, the center is almost done and looking pretty good! Almost ready for the next part. It took lots of leveling to get it right.
Ok all the center is in that is the hard part... I do not have a pic of the rest sorry.... but we did put a border of the wood look all the way around the room to frame it, and filled it in with a different color 18" tile.. this was not an easy job.. but Lewis says it was a lot easier than the herringbone floor.
Here it is all finished. I know it is not for everyone...my daughter says it is too busy. But in person, it is warm and very elegant for the room. We still have to make the door trim brown. We did all the floor trim and window trim already. I don't like the white trim - it gets dusty and dirty too fast. We're still looking to buy a 1800's Rosewood piano stool if anyone has one...
Here's a pic of the other side or the room. Happy Hometalking!

Suggested materials:

  • Glass tile/12" and 18" Tile   (home depot/Lowes)
  • Floor level, Red guard and Grout   (home depot/Lowes)

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  • Jeanie Hudman Jeanie Hudman on Oct 07, 2017
    This is stunning !!! mixing the diff tiles, and shapes, really is gorgeous!! Great Job, and I am sure you, and your guest will enjoy this !
    • Thank you for the kind words... it has turned out so nice and we have had so many awesome comments.. along with the Herrington floor we did in livingroom
  • Lisa Thaviu Lisa Thaviu on Oct 08, 2017
    This is a very nice tile job, but I have to wonder how appropriate this is in a music room. Most music rooms that small have wood floors for the sound quality. I guess if you are not able to hear the difference, then it's OK, but most musicians would not like it.
    • Based on the room being so small.. and we have curtains and rugs down we have not notice any issues with sound quality. And the chickering sounds harp like so it works out well.