Bathroom floor replacement

We had a leak in our bathroom and had to pull up all the linoleum and the base boards. I am not well versed in what is the best flooring to use in a bathroom. I don’t want to put linoleum back down. The floor underneath is concrete because we have a slab house.

any suggestions would be great

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  • Gk Gk on Jul 06, 2018
    There are a few things you could use: Vinyl tiles, waterproof laminate, vinyl planks. You have to make sure the product you purchase can be used on concrete and prepare the surface as stated for those products. Most can and you will have lots of options. Have fun picking out some that will make your bathroom look beautiful!

  • Amanda Amanda on Jul 06, 2018
    Hi Christy. Tile is a good choice for a bathroom floor. Good Luck!

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Jul 06, 2018
    I put my vote in for tile, too, Christy. I don't like vinyl stick-on products in bathrooms because they aren't waterproof. Vinyl plank isn't very durable. But ceramic tile will look great for years!