How do I level a concrete floor?


The floor in my kitchen is concrete and slants downward. I am hunting the best way or options to fix this. Thanks in advance.

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  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 02, 2019


    Before you start working on this floor, check a couple of things...

    ...Has the foundation slipped, or the was the floor just not poured level.

    If it is just dips in the floor you can just smooth it out.

    You need to see what the difference in the slope of your floor is. For instance, you want to make sure you have to add so much compound that you interfere with your baseboards. You may have to take up the baseboards and reinstall them once the floor is level.

    Read the instructions carefully, particularly as to how much compound can be used.

  • Penny Cavve Penny Cavve on Jan 02, 2019

    If the foundation is stable then you have to either sand down or add more cement to become all one flat level. When things take time and done the correct way you are good forever. Do start by removing the base boards and clean out under the counters with whatever you can to reach with. It is not a quick fix but when done it is going to bring you piece of mind. Set aside a few days this does take quite a lot of time, unless you can afford a pro to do it in half the time. Best of luck, but find out why this has happened to your floor, soon.

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    • Penny Cavve Penny Cavve on Jan 23, 2019

      I just noticed your reply to my leveling input. By now I hope that you have found answers to all your uneven problems. It can become a real pain in the cement bag. When all is even and done, let us know how you are. In today's flooring you can find many beautiful ways to finish your concrete with lovely colors and patterns. You did this much go that extra step, then like where you walk for years to come. 👠👠❣

  • David walesby David walesby on Jan 02, 2019

    Buy concrete lever it come in a bag just mix and pour it finds its own level.