Asked on Jan 24, 2018

Can I fix laminate flooring that has chipped and peeled on the top?

We have laminate flooring throughout the main living areas and under the desk where your feet go there is a spot that started flaking and has now peeled at the top. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from damaging any worse or fix it without having to replace the floor? It is approx 2 years old and has a 15 year warranty.
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  • Pat Pat on Jan 24, 2018

    Do you have any extra pieces left over? I have laminate also and I was told that something like your peeling floor...the parts will need to be replaced. You could use the flooring in your closet (if you have one and it is the same laminate).

    • Becky Severts Shelton Becky Severts Shelton on Jan 24, 2018

      I have an extra box we saved just in case, but I am not sure how to replace it without pulling up all the floor since they are all connected and the floor people nailed them down.

  • Pam @ The Birch Cottage Pam @ The Birch Cottage on Jan 24, 2018

    That's tough. I found a couple of ideas:

    Family Handyman has some good tips if you can replace sections of the flooring or by using wood filler:

    The other method I know of is to use a repair compound. You can usually find them in your home improvement store or even online through Amazon.

  • Nun32489822 Nun32489822 on Jan 24, 2018

    just roughen up the surface and buy some wood repair kit from the DIY eric

  • William William on Jan 24, 2018

    The bad boards would need to be replaced. Use a circular saw set to the depth of the boards. Cut one bad board down the center and pry it out. Cut the tongue of a new board and glue it in place.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Jan 24, 2018

    if minor repairs don’t work to your liking, you can cut out a bad section and replace it with a new piece of flooring! They have a specific glue to keep the new piece in place. Do a search on YouTube for replacing laminate flooring repairs and you should find some great videos by laminate manufacturers

  • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jan 24, 2018

    The best solution is to replace those bits, but if that isn't a likely reality, then you can fill the spaces with wood putty, then use paint to try to replicate the wood look. You might need to sand some of the surrounding to make it blend, and seal with a tiny bit of polyurithane or varnish in the right finish (semigloss, gloss, eggshell or satin, most likely) Since it is under a desk, keeping it from spreading and disguising it will probably do. Try to figure out why it chipped there specifically, and take steps to protect it.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Jan 25, 2018

    After seeing your picture I really believe your best choice is to r move the whole strips that are damaged. Which they usually recommend cutying from the center of the length of each place you want to remove give or take a little won’t hurt anything if you’re off center a little With a skill saw. Make sure your blade is set to the dep of your flooring as close as possible. Then you can use a screwdrover or stiff putty knife to pry up on flooring and work it out from where you cut the flooring. There’s great videos on YouTube showing how to do this! It’s a great tool to help you with this project! It will also tell you about the glue you need on the right videos too!

  • Linda Barrett Dirksen Linda Barrett Dirksen on Jan 27, 2018

    If it can't be fixed, how about a small rug over it?

  • Sma5243521 Sma5243521 on Jan 28, 2018

    I have the same exact floor with an identical problem. My original tear was no bigger than a few inches wide by an inch long. My floor installer came back and temporarily repaired the portion of the floor that tore while moving furniture. He warned me that I would have to refix the floor every few months because this was only a disguise for appearances, not a permanent solution. I watched for over an hour using tube of laminate glue, (,from Lowes,) and various tools, rubbing and smoothing the air pockets and creases out while applying heat with a small torch held at least a foot away from the floor. It worked for a while, but it was reopened and the top layer of laminate disappeared within a month.

    I couldn't make it look nice even if I had the lost piece...

  • Jess Sell AL Jess Sell AL on Jun 19, 2018

    Repair minor damage in laminate flooring. onto a scrap piece of flooring or a mixing board and mix it with a putty knife until it begins to dry (Photo 1). Then press a shallow layer into the chip. Don't try to fill the entire chip in one application.

  • Charlene Lambert Charlene Lambert on Feb 04, 2023

    Mine is happening all over now. I'm lost

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 23, 2024

    Maybe put a mat over it as it obviously gets a lot of wear. In the meantime call the store you purchased it from or manufacturer and complain!

  • Dee Dee on Feb 24, 2024

    It can be pulled closer together with a block of wood and tape plus a hammer. If you have an extra plank you could replace it.

  • For fixing laminate floor chips and peels, wood- and acrylic-based fillers are excellent choices. Choose the one that best complements the color of your floor; both work well. Purchase a putty knife and cleaning solution as part of this procedure as well.