Covering gaps between floor and wall

When our new floor tile was installed, we were left with large gaps the edge of were left with large gaps the edge of the floor that the planned 1"x4" baseboard could not cover. We had hoped to avoid using the traditional quarter-round shoe molding, but we may be stuck. Any other options?
q covering gaps between floor and wall
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  • We ended up doing that in our breakfast nook and at first I thought it might look weird but I don't notice it anymore. there are some other moldings but the 1/4 round was easiest to install.

  • Pepper Pepper on Dec 08, 2017
    My newph was given several feet of ceiling molding, kind of like quarter round in reverse. Instead of the 1/4 of a circle being out its the kind that the the 1/4 circle goes in. It's still 1/2" x 1/2"and I was surprised that it looked great since I thought it was only for the ceiling and it added a little flair. It's also compareable in price to quarter round. At $5 for an 8' or 10' piece, its not a huge investment to buy a stick and see what you think. Good luck!

  • William William on Dec 08, 2017
    In the photo it looks like the tile isn't level and I didn't notice any gap or grout in the seam on the left. If this is true, it's a lousy tile job. The only thing to cover the gap would be to use 1/4 round molding. With the "uneven" look you may need to shape the molding to fit. I foresee water getting in the gap and seams when cleaning the floor.

  • I'd recommend starting with caulk. Part of the gap looks bigger than it is due to the shadow line... caulk would fill it and stop the shadow from showing. Here's a post I wrote on my DIY & decorating blog about some tips for caulking: Caulking Tips