Hardwood tile installation and grout

Had hardwood tile laid by a friend of a friend in October and then again 3 weeks ago to finish project by a professional sub. In both cases the tobacco brown grout is lighter than advertised dry, but when wet is the right color. Have mopped immediately on first installation and waited 72 hours on second, both with same result(water only at first). Tried vinegar solution scrubbing and mopping to no avail. Am I crazy? Do I need to leave it alone and wait to use enhanced sealer or regular sealer? None of the grout has been sealed yet so want to make sure I do the right thing first. Also had 16X16 tile installed in different location and it stayed same color. Know there are grout stains and multiple options but the wifey is on me to fix it since it doesn't look like hardwood. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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