How can I remove warped floor tile on wood floors?

I have 51 years square floor tile that. Is coming undone and I have hundred of them coming loose. I have some kind of particle board underneath. Help?!

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  • Ray Porter Ray Porter on Dec 29, 2018

    Try a hair dryer to help soften the mastic. If that doesn’t work call a flooring company and ask how they would do it.

  • William William on Dec 29, 2018

    The adhesive is failing and they are popping off. A stiff putty knife, pry bar, long hadle ice scraper should pop they out. There may be damage to the particle board subfloor where the glue is still holding.

  • Jaswan Jaswan on Dec 30, 2018

    Depends on your goal- if you are looking to retain that floor -re- adhere the original tiles if possible- if looking to replace -and removing them all is impossible ... patch the removed tiles and put a thin new subfloor over the whole floor and then proceed with whatever flooring you want- not that difficult that you can’t do it- just labor- good luck