How to even out a badly done concrete floor

I'm redoing a bathroom and sauna that were built on a very uneven concrete floor. The floor has two drains which are too low, and a high spot where the toilet supply line comes through. The toilet is being turned 45 degrees and the ceramic tile is going to teter. I'm going to try troweling a layer of thin-set into the low spots but not sure what to do about the bump beside the toilet. i tried grinding it down with an angle grinder, that failed. Any ideas?
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on May 25, 2017
    consider using 'deck mud'--placed on top of a fresh wet bed of modified thinset---

    You may need SLC in the thinner spots as deck mud can only be packed in an area 3/4" deep or deeper.

  • Can you post a photo? Drains are supposed to be installed at the lowest portions of the room in order to be effective along with the proper slope.

  • Ed Gatternig Ed Gatternig on May 28, 2017
    I used thin-set in the abnormally low areas and let it cure for 2 days. This took care of the extreme contours around the drains and sagged corner in the sauna. The remaining problem will require good old technology ie; a hammer and chisel to remove a high spot around the old conduit for the toilet supply line so that the tile doesn't teeter because I'm turning the toilet on a 45 degree angle in the corner. The new supply line is relocated about 6" toward the corner. Unless you know of a better way to remove the high spot, it's the best solution to a poor troweling job.