How to fix a broken garage floor.

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  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on Dec 19, 2017
    If the floor is cement, you can try buying a tube of cement filler at your local home center. It comes in a tube like caulk, and you fill the cracks and holes in the floor with it. Smooth it out and allow it to dry.

  • Rowgop (Pam) Rowgop (Pam) on Dec 19, 2017
    First one is you tube patching more than a crack, second one in just repairing a crack.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Dec 19, 2017
    Is this a cement floor and if so, is it cracked or crumbling? What type of repair do you want ? Resurfacing or filling in a crack? We really need more information. And pictures if you can. One picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Peter Peter on Dec 19, 2017
    Be careful to KNOW WHAT CAUSED THE CRACK! Could be the slab is above a hollw spot, so your 'fix' would be very temporary.

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Dec 20, 2017
    Quickrete is a great product to use on concrete cracks