How to fix the cabinet floor under kitchen sink?

Area is old and seems to be rotting. We don't have the funds right now to replace all the cabinets.

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  • Pat Russell Pat Russell on Jun 29, 2018
    Hi, Ida: You may have had a leak at some time. Pull everthing out and check the flooring carefully. If it is still wet, you will need a plumber to find the problem. We put plywood down over the sub floor that was in the bottom under the sink. Makes a smooth finish (we painted it).

  • Janey B. Janey B. on Jun 29, 2018

    i had that issue and also can’t replace everything. I used a piece of old flooring (mine was linoleum but you can also use plywood) and cut and fit it into the space on top of what was left under there. It worked fine. No one sees it so it doesn’t matter how it looks.

  • Diana Gookin Diana Gookin on Jun 30, 2018
    Measure the bottom of the cabinet. Cut a piece of plywood that size. Then cut in half of you need to go get inside the cabinet to test for size. Once t fits tear out the old ruined bottom. Cut 2x4's and attach to the bottom of your 2 pieces of plywood. Put them inside the cabinet. Cover plywood with stick on vinyl flooring. Wish I had pictures to show of mine. I no longer have that house. You couldn't tell the bottom of the cabinet had been replaced.