How to texturize a ceiling?

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  • Em Em on Jan 19, 2019

    Joint compound and a sponge and dab on, or use a 4 inch paint scraper and cross hatch your strokes using joint compound (spackling) the same way. Dip into bucket of compound and start smearing on with strokes in all different directions. It gives a Tuscan look.

    You can smear on compound in an area and use a wet rag to dab and pull towards you and that give a small pointed texture called cats paw.

    • Smo27448812 Smo27448812 on Jan 19, 2019

      Your suggestion sounds doable and pretty forgiving that it doesn’t reqire perfection the way putting up new paper would. Might have to hire it done though...not sure I’m tall enough! When my late husband remodeled the kitchen in 1984 He used white wallpaper to cover up the rough ceiling but it is old, yellowing & coming loose on edges. I want to repaint the walls but think it is not good to paint over the paper on ceiling. Considered taking wallpaper down & adding texture to cover the roughness. Am just not sure how expensive or hard it will be to do.

  • Em Em on Jan 19, 2019

    Wallpaper can be painted over but can still peel at the seams if really old. Removing wallpaper is not hard to remove just time consuming. Find an edge (seam) and pull the top layer. The bottom layer is the consistency of construction paper. Use a spray bottle of water and wet an area and use a paint scraper to remove. When the under layer is wet you can peel pieces off with your fingers. The wetter the bigger piece you can get off. When you are all done you wash the walls to remove the left over glue. Texturing walls is easy and you can water the spackling down a TINY bit if you like for easy application. A step ladder or borrow one of the little giant ladders that is two pieces and turns into a scaffold is ideal. I did it, I know you could. Neither are hard just a bit of work. Do a small area every day instead of trying to tackle it all at once. Before you know it you will be done and be proud of yourself.