Lay wood flooring without moving all furniture out of room?

  4 answers
  • William William on Jun 05, 2017
    Its easier to lay down a floor when the room is empty. No obstructions and nothing to get in the way. All the boards of a floor become one solid mass when its put down. Moving furniture around can compromise joints and seams. You wouldn't paint walls without removing pictures or decorations.

    • Kayro3551 Kayro3551 on Jun 05, 2017
      Thanks, I thought an empty room was best. Just have so much stuff and no place to move it to, plus it's heavy. Thanks again

  • Barb Cercone Barb Cercone on Jun 05, 2017
    my husband and I did 2 rooms, and we would move the furniture to one side to the next. Bit of a pain, but a lot to move

  • Marlene Haigh Marlene Haigh on Jun 06, 2017
    we did our great room a half at a time. moved furniture to one side then the other. carefully move furniture

  • Kayro3551 Kayro3551 on Jun 06, 2017
    Thanks everyone