Tile fell off side of pool...they don't sell them anymore

some are missing and they don't sell them anymore.

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  • Mmiehe Mmiehe on Dec 11, 2017
    Had same problem, but when time came from new liner had them remove tile and put liner over it.

  • Yylowinger Yylowinger on Dec 11, 2017
    If the tiles that are still attached are not a solid color (i.e., they have some kind of design, like blue and white, etc.), replace the missing tiles with solid tiles in one the the colors - for example if blue and white, replace with solid blue ones, or solid white ones. It will look deliberate, like an "accent" tile.

  • Sharon Sharon on Dec 11, 2017
    Maybe buy some close to the old ones, and then paint them with epoxy paint to look the same.

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Dec 12, 2017
    How about painting the tiles over? This way you can give the pool a fresh look and replace the tile!