Vinyl plank flooring vs pergo type laminate.

by Dee

I have laminate in my den that we installed in 2010. It is Lawson Laminate and it still looks brand spanking new, no scratches no gaps. Problem is they do not make this any longer. I have two almost adjoining rooms that has yucky carpet and I want to replace with the luxury vinyl plank which also means replacing the den if I want it to match. What are your thoughts on vinyl plank? The area is approximately 600 square feet. If anyone knows a ballpark cost that would be helpful too. Thanks

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  • We had vinyl plank flooring in the kitchen of our last house. I was easy to care for and looked great. Sorry, I can't help with the cost since it was done before we bought the house, but check with your local home improvement store for prices.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 11, 2022

    • The core materials of laminate make the planks not capable of being 100% waterproof, LVP can be.
    • Laminate is made from natural materials where LVP is fully synthetic.
    • When it comes to availability, certain retailers will only stock or sell specific brands and may or may not carry both laminate and LVP.
    • Some laminate is still made with products that produce VOCs and can cause health issues in some.
    • Laminate shouldn’t be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms, basements and laundry areas, while LVP can be installed in these areas.
    • LVP is better for homes with pets and offers better protection against potty training, nails and shedding than laminate.

  • Betsy Betsy on Jan 11, 2022

    Hi Dee: From what I understand, laminates are not water proof. Here's a site that gives the differences between the two:

    Hope it helps.

    • Dee Dee on Jan 12, 2022

      Very interesting thank you. I think I may contact Costco to see what they have to offer, as they have the LVP's

  • Libbie B Libbie B on Jan 11, 2022

    We laid LVP this Fall in an Airbnb after having success with it in a family room. We love it. It ran about 2100. For 950 square feet. Without install (my hubby did it) You can see it here.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jan 11, 2022

    Although the cost of installation will vary depending on where you live, generally the cost pr sq ft is equal to the product cost pr sq ft. So, for example, if your flooring is $3 pr sq ft, add an additional $3 pr sq ft for the installation.

    The LVP that Libbie is refering to, based on the $2100 paid for the 950 sq ft = aprox $2.25 pr sq ft. If they hired out to install, rather than doing it thenselves, the project would have cost an additional $2100.

    • Dee Dee on Jan 12, 2022

      Thank you, this is what I was looking for. I assumed the installation price would be approximately the price of the material. I have just started looking, and it is daunting. My installer is no longer able to do this and I find myself looking at installation. I have seen many jobs some which look great some not so great. What I really need and know I cannot find that here is a top notch installer.

  • Ultimately, it's going to be a personal preference of materials. Vinyl is going to last longer and absorb abuse while laminate tends to peel, crack, pucker, as well as dull over time. Costs definitely vary by location based on what kind of material you choose and by installer if you're not going the DIY route. Best bet is to check material pricing online for stores near you.

    • Dee Dee on Jan 12, 2022

      My 12 year old laminate looks brand new, installation was great, it did not crack, separate, or pucker or dull. I want the front rooms to match so unfortunately it has to be replaced and I am thinking of luxury vinyl of which there are many grades. I need to find a good brand.

  • Lvp is the bomb!!

    • Dee Dee on Jan 12, 2022

      What kind did you purchase? That is what I am leaning toward.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Jan 12, 2022

    I've been doing quite a bit of research on LVP. The things I have seen that I want to make sure is that it is waterproof. This would be important for any type room to me, not just kitchen & bath, because of cleaning and spills. Thickness is another consideration. The thinner doesn't seem to hold up as well according to what I have seen. We went to a flooring store and the salesman took a wire brush and scrubbed it on the floor. You could not see or feel any damage. As for pricing, I've seen quite a bit of fluctuations so my best advice would be to decide on what you want and then start shopping around for best price. If it is available at Home Depot, they run sales regularly on their 1 day sales.

    • Dee Dee on Jan 12, 2022

      You have the same concerns I do. That is why I posted this here. I guess my next step is to get some in home estimates, as my installer is no longer able to do this work. Thanks Kathy.

  • Dee Dee on Jan 12, 2022

    Thank you all for the excellent info. All of my concerns were addressed. I am going to have to trust someone. I have seen all sorts of floors installed, but when I finally choose a product it is going to be the installer who actually makes or breaks the job.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Jan 12, 2022

    There are many vinyl plank flooring companies and if you have a sample or piece of your old floor you could take it and try to match it to what is in stores like Home Depot, or flooring stores. Vinyl plank is excellent flooring

    • Dee Dee on Jan 12, 2022

      Do you have any specific brand you really like?

      I am leaning toward Shaw which they sell and install thru Costco. But have a few more showrooms to go to.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jan 12, 2022


    When you are ready to choose/hire a particular installer, be sure to get a written contract that is signed by both you and the installer. Unfortunately, neither a verbal agreement, or a 'handshake', are no longer sufficient to protect you.

    The contract should state exactly what the work is to be done, with what materials in particular, on what dates, and when and how much you as the customer will be paying. If the installer does not want to sign, then go with someone else.

    Basic forms can be printed off the internet. Check into these to become more familiar with some of the terms.

    If you go with a recognized company/store, then they should have a contractual form of their own that covers the responsibilities and obligations of both parties (the installer and the customer).

    • Dee Dee on Jan 12, 2022

      Thank you for that useful info. I was ripped off several years ago that is why I am gun shy so to speak.

  • Dee Dee on Jan 13, 2022

    does Anyone know how Home Depot or Lowes Vet their contractors?

  • Annie Annie on Jan 15, 2022

    Im partial to laminate myself. Very durable and fit is good as it inter locks.

    • Dee Dee on Jan 16, 2022

      I know I have laminate in my den that has been down for 10 years and it still looks brand new. However they do not make this brand anylonger.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 15, 2022

    I am seriously considering luxury vinyl plank for our flooring we get installed within the next year or two. So impressed when I saw a brush taken to a plank and after some intense scratching you couldn't see even a tiny mark.

    • Dee Dee on Jan 16, 2022

      That is one of the reasons I am considering LVP. Also that I saw the planks submerged in water with no damage. I have learned to do the key test on all flooring to see if it scratches. Still cannot find a contractor. Very frustrating.

  • Dee Dee on May 20, 2022

    An update, I interviewed 6 contractors. I went with the Luxury SPC Vinyl. Unfortunately the contractor I hired, did a horrible job. I have 2 27 & 35 inch scratches in my dining room. I did not take the cheapest contractor, I choose the one who had the best ideas. I hried him off of a contractor site. They had a guarantee and an place called fairclaims to help if you had a problem. I went thru an arbirtration with FairClaims. It took a few months. I was awarded half the cost of the floor which helped. Those scratches on SPC cannot be fixed. One day I will have to replace again. I did my due diligence and got totally ripped off. There was other damage he did to all my door casings. Be very careful when hiring a contractor, and if you get them off of a home improvement site, ask about the warranty. I am glad I did. Half my money is better than nothing.

  • Betty Betty on Jun 09, 2022

    At my sister and her husband's store you can get really good vinyl plank or tile starting as low as 1.99 sq.ft.without pad attached. With starts around2.79. Beware of buying from places like Lowe's, lumber liquidators and the like. They have a lot that don't lock together like they should

  • Dee Dee on Jun 10, 2022

    I actually had SPC installed. Hired a contractor after interviewing 6 different concerns.

    the contractor I hired talked a good game. He did horrible work and I had to take him to arbitration. Careless several deep scratches and used an underpayment which voided my warranty.. I received half my money back. Should have received more but something is better than nothing. I will live with this floor for a while, but it definitely needs replacement.

    I can usually sum people up, however this contractor really pulled the wool over my eyes.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 07, 2023

    You could have ceramic tile that looks like wood!