Transforming a Spare Room Into a Nursery With Malibu Wide Plank LVP

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With the anticipation of our new baby arriving this spring, we embarked on a project to convert our spare room into a cozy nursery. Here's a detailed walkthrough of how we achieved this transformation, focusing on the flooring upgrade with Malibu Wide Plank LVP in French Oak Crown.

Preparing the Room

Clearing the Space: Our first step was to remove all the furniture from the spare room, creating an empty canvas to work with.

The nursery 'Before', when it was still just a spare room.

Removing the Old Carpet: We started by using pliers to pull up a corner of the dated carpet, peeling it back until there was enough to pull it by hand. To make the removal process more manageable, we sliced the carpet into strips with an X-Acto knife, rolling them up as we went along.

Removing the Underlay: After the carpet was out, we tackled the padding beneath in the same manner. It’s crucial to watch out for sharp staple strips during this step to avoid any injuries.

Pulling up the dated carpet.

Extracting Staples and Strips: With the padding removed, we used a crowbar and pliers to carefully remove the staple strips and staples from the room’s perimeter and floor.

Removing the strips and staples.

Cleaning Up: We wrapped up our prep by thoroughly sweeping the room to eliminate all debris, ensuring a clean surface for laying the new flooring.

Malibu Wide Plank LVP-French Oak Crown

Installing the Flooring

Malibu Wide Plank LVP: For our nursery and entire third floor, we selected Malibu Wide Plank LVP in French Oak Crown. We were drawn to the beautifully textured planks, which mimic the look and feel of real wood and add a warm and inviting feel to the space. The long, wide planks also help to visually expand the room, making it appear larger and more open.

Malibu Wide Plank LVP-French Oak Crown
Malibu Wide Plank LVP-French Oak Crown

Laying the Planks: Installation was super straightforward, thanks to the superior click lock system that allowed for easy and seamless assembly of the planks. With its 20 mil core, this flooring boasts exceptional resistance , standing strong through everyday wear and tear for years to come. With kids and large dogs at home, durability like this is a must for us!

Installing the planks.

Expanding Across the Floor: We ensured a seamless look by extending the same flooring into the hallway and guest room. From the nursery doorway, we continued laying the planks using the same measurements as we did in the nursery to maintain continuity. This required some additional cuts around the doors and into the closets in the hallway, but with the width of the planks and how easy they are to cut we were able to facilitate a smooth continuation of the flooring throughout the third floor.

Measuring for cutting planks to fit.
The nursery, complete with freshly installed floors from Malibu Wide Plank.

We couldn't believe how great everything looked after the last plank was laid. Each room is completely transformed and the space looks so welcoming and warm!

We also can't get over how true to hardwood the floors appear as well. Unique grains are etched into every plank and really gives that timeless feel. But of course, it's not just about the looks. It's about durability too. Malibu Wide Plank is waterproof, scratch proof, and stain proof making it ideal for high traffic areas and of course those inevitable spills and messes. And here's the best part, Malibu Wide Plank offers all of these features at an affordable price point, especially when it's on sale. So you get that premium quality without breaking the bank!

Our beautiful new nursery, complete with Malibu Wide Plank LVP in French Oak Crown
Nursery "After" photo.

If you're ready to elevate your space with elegance, durability, and affordability, Malibu Wide Plank Luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect choice. We want to give a huge thank you to Malibu Wide Plank for sponsoring this video and helping us transform our space in time for our daughter's arrival.

Malibu Wide Plank LVP: French Oak Crown


  • Embossed; low gloss; authentic hardwood surface visuals
  • 5.5mm thickness x 9.13 in. width x 60 in. length, wear layer thickness is 20 mil
  • 100% waterproof and water resistant; can be installed in all rooms - Above, On or Below grade
  • Can be installed over most existing surfaces including tile, wood, concrete and vinyl
  • Residential and commercial use
  • Easy maintenance; simply clean with a dust mop, vacuum, or damp mop
  • Don't forget your coordinating trim and moldings, 3-in-1 reducer, T-mold, end-cap; quarter round or flush stair nose
  • 1mm thick pre-attached underlayment included for a floor that is durable, quiet, comfortable and warm to walk on
  • Drop-lock installation system that is fast and easy for DIYers and pros to install
  • No acclimation required; you can install right away
  • For use indoors and in temperature-controlled environments only
  • Premium ArmorCore Technology provides better stability and overall performance and hides subfloor imperfections
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