Vintage Rug Upgrade

2 Materials
30 Minutes

Hi friends in this easy DIY we take you on a step-by-step tutorial on how to add a little flair to your vintage rugs with some tassels we think this not only gives it more character but definitely can upgrade a boring rug that needs a little sprucing.

Do you guys love the look of vintage rugs with tassels but hate the price tag in this easy DIY for under $30 you can take any of your rugs in your home and add a little flair.


you need is some Double sided carpet tape and friends that can be ordered from Amazon or founded any craft store.

Here is the runner before the fringe is added. You Can absolutely do this with any rug you want of any size the process is still the same all you need is the carpet tape in the fringe. Selects the rug that you would like to use

Cut your fringe to the size of the width of whichever rug you are using and Simply attach it with a double sided carpet tape that’s it no tools required or anything! Flip your rug upside down anf line up your carpet tape with the fringe . Then simply peel back the tape to allow the fringe to stick to the backing on your carpet How easy is that!!!! It takes now more than 10

min to Give your rugs or runners and updated tassel luck that makes them look so much more expensive.

This gives the look of a tasseled expensive vintage rug for a mere fraction of the cost! How easy and simple and the end result is 👌 hope you enjoyed this project. As always you Can’t find us on Instagram @spoonfulofsugar_ct

Here is an example of in process adding the fringe should just be peeking out about and inch and a half from the outside of your rug! This is About the amount we would do but again it always comes down to preference as we always say and if you would like your fridge longer or shorter you can absolutely do that to

Suggested materials:

  • Double sided carpet tape   (Hardware store)
  • Fringe   (Amazon or any craft supply store)
  • Rug   (Any of your choosing!!)

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