A Toddler Garden For Less Than A $100

My 4 Year Old Son asked me one day, "If he could have his very own garden?" So one day, while away at his grandma's, With the help of my brother & in less than 3 hours, I Surprised My Son With a Garden of his very own!! I told him he could Plant & do whatever he wanted in his garden, for it was his! (Also a great way to keep your Toddler out of your garrden! :) ) Lo & Behold, My 4 yr old Tot has already grown by seed; String Beans, Pickles, Tomatoes, Baby Bell Peppers, Carrots & He even threw in a Sunflower Tree Seed in there; giving it an extra touch of love!!! And all on his own, he is ever so proudly, reaping his own rewards! I can tell U One Thing, He's NOT the only one who's so, so Proud! (Click On photo to see Full Photo collage of Toddler Garden Made In Progress!)

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  • Liz C Liz C on Jul 22, 2012
    @ANGELA - That comment was the PERFECT night cap for me!!!!!!!!!!! Knowing that a little boy was happy & smiing today of just the simple thought of having his own garden, simply from you mentioning you saw my son's garden....touches me more than you'll ever know.....Forget the garden...forget the veggies.....THE SMILE and EXCITEMENT, in my mind is what's priceless!!!!! As I said earlier....nothing better than paying it Forward!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO much for sharing the pics of him gardening, with a smile that simply melted my heart!!!, literally! Thank you for sharing that comment!

  • Angela A Angela A on Jul 22, 2012
    Thank YOU so much Liz for the idea! I cant wait to make his garden area for him and surprise him with it! My little "Trey-man" is my heart, and I love to spoil him! LOL, hes really more like a grandson to me than a great-nephew, as I raised his mom....she wasnt much of the out-doorsie type although she's slowly coming around now that shes older. I love spending time with my little guy, and this is just another perfect way for us to spend time together! I believe in kids playing outdoors anyway, and this little guy has sooooo much energy, he NEEDS projects to burn some of it off! His mom sent his Nintendo DS with him to my house, we didn't even pull it out of his bag the entire time he was with me! And he didnt ask for it either! :-) Kids these days spend too much time in front of the TV or playing video games in my humble opinion! He just couldnt believe that my toys were sticks that we turned into guns, and pinecones that were grenades for us to play war, or maypops were bombs we threw at each other! lol, and if I wanted to play "house", I made mudpies out of water and dirt!!! LOL He was amazed!! I just love to watch his eyes get big as saucers!