Yellow apple trees ' s leaves

I grow some apple trees from seeds and they are turning yellow, does someone knows what it happening and what can I do to avoid losing them ???
Does someone knows why my little apple trees are yellow ?
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  • Maria C Maria C on Jan 01, 2014
    Thank you Douglas, just took the pics couple days ago didn't know that apple trees lose all their leaves the big one its from last year ( it is a green apple tree ) and if I remember well last year didn't loose all the leaves but I'm not sure, the little ones are from these past Sumer at first I thought they were burnt cause the past cold weather just had but the one leaves that survived started yellowing, well point in matter I need help how to take care of my trees if they survive, thank you once again Douglas for all your help

  • Maria C Maria C on Jan 01, 2014
    Sharon I water them regularly the dry u see its just little wood chips to mulch them soil is moist trust me I baby them a lot but I not a garden expert just started couple years ago lol