The Best Way to Keep Flies Away Revealed!

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I cherish my time outdoors, enjoying meals on the patio with my family and soaking in the scenery. However, the pesky presence of flies can quickly ruin the serene atmosphere.

Frustrated by these uninvited guests, I wanted to find the best way to keep flies away. I found a simple and effective DIY solution on Home Tricks that seems to help the issue.

Tools and Materials:

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Quick fly repellent for outside

1. Create Aluminum Foil Balls

Start by crumpling sheets of aluminum foil into small balls.

I have also heard you can use pennies if you do not have foil on hand.

Effective solution for a pest-free space

2. Prepare the Water-Filled Bag

Take a plastic sandwich bag and fill it with water.

A quick and easy DIY solution for fly control

Add the aluminum foil balls to the water inside the bag.

Natural fly repellent tip

3. Seal the Bag

Close the top of the bag securely to keep the foil balls inside.

DIY approach to keep flies away naturally

4. Add a Hanging String

Attach a string to the bag, allowing you to hang it in various locations. This method should work both outside and inside your living spaces.

Banish flies naturally

The Science Behind It:

While the exact scientific explanation is not entirely clear, several theories suggest the effectiveness of this method:

  • Light Reflection: Aluminum foil creates reflections that may confuse and deter flies.
  • Magnification of Light: The water-filled bag may act as a lens, intensifying sunlight to create an uncomfortable environment for flies.
  • Disruption of Fly Vision: Shiny foil balls may disrupt a fly's vision, making the area less appealing.

More Pest Control Tips

For another brilliant idea to banish flies, check out this tutorial on how to make a DIY Fly Repellent for Porches.

Best Way to Keep Flies Away

Incorporating this natural fly repellent into your outdoor spaces is a simple yet clever way to keep flies away.

If you're tired of dealing with flies, give this DIY method a try! Share your experience in the comments below, and let us know if you have a better DIY solution for getting rid of these pests.

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  • Rbrannen Rbrannen on Apr 21, 2024
    I asked our staff of entomologist about the efficacy of using a bag of water with pennies, aluminum foil, dimes, yarn, etc to repel flies. They all laughed!
    • Cat Cat on Apr 29, 2024
      They can laugh but it's a common practice at restaurants with outside seating, here in Texas. It works.
  • Ela12336652 Ela12336652 10 hours ago
    Pennies work very well!