How to Grow Flowers

Are you ready to get gardening but don't know the difference between an annual and a perennial? Need some help growing your garden? We've got answers for you. Check out our top DIY flower projects, as well as our discussion boards and video tutorials. We've got you covered on everything from tulips to roses and everything in between.

How to Grow a Flower Garden
Step 1: Choose the right spot
Some flowers require sun while others prefer shade. If you want to grow a particular variety choose a spot that offers the correct conditions.
Step 2: Prepare your garden beds
Mix compost into the soil. Most plants like well-drained soil. If your soil clumps together when it’s damp, add a small handful of river sand.
Step 3: Plant your flowers
Ensure the roots are well covered with soil. Most plants require water weekly - check planting instructions as there are varying requirements.
Step 4: Feed your flowers
Most flowers have a growth period and a dormancy period. Depending on the plants, add some organic fertilizer in spring or in autumn.
Step 5: Harvest your flowers
Use a sharp knife or scissors to pick flowers. Most plants will bloom more profusely if their flowers are harvested before they pollinate.
Top Projects for Growing Flowers

Check out our top DIY flower growing projects for helpful guidance and ideas.

Popular Flower Growing Slideshows

Peruse the slideshows of DIY flower projects. Get growing!

DIY Flower Growing Videos

Want to start growing flowers but need some help? Watch our DIY video tutorials.

How to Naturally Dye Baby's Breath #DIY

Floral arranging is a personal love affair of mine. For me, it is utterly relaxing and soothing to my soul. Home decor stores and floral shops can be outrageously expensive! I am always looking for new ways to decorate or enhance the ambiance of my humble abode. One day, I was staring at a vase full of store bought roses that were surrounded by baby's breath. I thought to myself, "baby's breath would sure look amazing in a different color." Light bulb moment here. Alas, I set out to naturally dye bucket loads of this textural wonder.

Stair Riser Planter Garden

I've always dreamed of a super simple, easily accessible and manageable herb garden. I've tried different methods of keeping them in the past, but they always end up growing into one another, being displayed poorly, or being infested with bugs. This option is appealing, eye-catching, and extremely functional. Now, I can quickly snip, pull or pick the herb I need for my next meal, right outside my back door!

How To Prune Leggy, Overgrown Geraniums

Geraniums (these are actually pelargoniums) grow like crazy & need cutting back for good form & abundant bloom. Here's how to prune leggy, overgrown geraniums . This is great to do at the end of the season.

How to Prune Woody Salvias In Summer

Perennial salvias grow like crazy throughout the season. They need to be cut back or deadheaded at least once. Pruning salvias in summer is beneficial for overall form & to stimulate flowering. Here's how I pruned 2 overgrown woody salvias which should have been cut back the previous season.

New DIY Flower Growing Projects

New flower growing projects are here to spark your creativity and start your garden!

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