Don't Be Afraid to Buy That Half-dead-looking Plant!

I was at Grower's Outlet last year and saw this Oakleaf Hydrangea in a pot, marked down to $12. It looked really bad but I recognized what it was and I had been wanting to get a few for my backyard. It was on clearance but $12 is $12 ... I could have bought more mums or something. When I tried to ask about the plant ... how old it was or what she thought was the chance of it surviving, she waved her hand at me and said I could have it for $5! Of course I took it! I put it in the ground and crossed my fingers. Look at how it is thriving! I'm so thrilled! Best $5 I've spent in a long time! Lesson Learned ... next time you see that half-dead looking plant in the store, go ahead and take a chance and take it home. Plants are so resilient!

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  • Tra Tra Tra Tra on Jul 25, 2016
    Do you need to plant it right away or just leave it on the pots and wait for next year?
  • Shirley Mason Shirley Mason on Oct 19, 2016
    Please note we have 6 hydrogens around our pool that are beautiful but they need plenty of water to bloom. We had a drought this year and the green leaves came in nice and green; no blooms. Late August we had some rain; days of a steady rain and low and be hold we have so many big blooms now still in October and we have had a frost one night. Favorite outdoor plants Hydrogens and geraniums.