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Way back in 2003 I wrote a newspaper article about using a Palm PDA (personal digital assistant). In the years since, Palm has gone out of business and many of us use smartphones daily.
I use mine all the time: to look up plant names, to check what I've written about a topic, and to find directions to a garden I'm visiting.
There are several smartphone apps that can be very helpful for gardeners.
Rather than try to research each one, I found this article in the New York Times that seems to cover several good ones.

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  • Ruth O Ruth O on Apr 27, 2012
    Now if there were only an app that actually would "dig my garden" for me, I'd pay for that one! At least $.99 !
  • Southern Trillium LLC Southern Trillium LLC on Apr 27, 2012
    My favorite app is Dirr's Tree and Shrub Finder, only available for Iphone, Ipod Touch, and Ipad. Before this app, we always had to refer to the giant black and white reference manual from Dirr. Now, I can access all of the information along with color photos directly on my device. I use it on my Ipad to show clients information and photos about plants we may be recommending yet are unfamiliar to them. Such wonderful tools. And where the manual costs ~$65 online, the app is only $14.99. I still have the manual on the bookshelf, but the app gets used almost daily.