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I've completed a few more glass flowers, another bird bath & a bird feeder. One of my glass flowers was inspired by my beautiful sunflowers that are coming in. I also had to preform a rescue while looking for the parts in the shed to make the bird feeder. I heard this thumping around and I thought what is that? I looked out and didn't see anything so I went back to looking and then I heard it again so I looked out again & it was a bird flapping around in the bird feeder. I guess the duct tape had fallen off the hole where you pour the bird seed and he squeezed through. So I had to go and ask my next door neighbor if she could help me undo it so we could set him free. Poor little guy, had I not been around it would had been his death sauna. I think we were in the 90's that day. It's sealed by a cap now.
My inspiration for my newest glass plate flower.
My sunflowers. I just love them.
Drilling the hole at the top of the candy dish so I can hang it on a hook in the yard.
Finish project, I used a hook we had in the shed that you anchor in your ceiling.
My little bird bath.
The stuck bird.
The hole he crawled though.
I was lucky enough to catch this bee inside one of my cactus flowers.
I only wish they lasted longer, their so pretty.
My sunflowers have gotten really tall. It would be great if they all bloomed and all you could see is huge yellow flowers.
My Hydrangea's are growing beautifully even with this hot sun.
By the pond.
Avocado's are starting to come in. This will be the first year for this tree to produce. I've had it two so I'm pretty excited.
My glad's are starting to bloom.
Lot's of fruit on the way plums, red & green apples.
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  • Tammy Brenner Tammy Brenner on Jan 30, 2014
    I attach the bottle towards the middle & it will spin if your "stick" that goes into the ground is not large enough & it leaves to much gap in the bottle neck. You can glue it too so you don't have this problem. They are still holding up with the glue and we have been freezing at night & during the summer it's really hot. No problems with the bottles being round & the plates flat.

  • MaryAnn B MaryAnn B on Feb 01, 2014
    See my post on the ones I did just recently. I found small vases at Michaels that a garden stake just fits in. If spinning occurs I'll place some silicone or expansion foam in the opening.