Caring for Your Poinsettias

We've probably all got at least one in our homes right now. Here's some tips on keeping your poinsettias looking good long after the tree is down.
Poinsettias need light and heat. Remember that they are native to Mexico. So place them in your brightest window and keep them warm (at least 72F during the day and no lower than 60F at night).
Water when the soil is dry to the touch. Don't worry, they'll let you know when they need watering as the leaves will droop and curl. But don't let them dry out as the leaves will fall off and it will be a full year before they grow new leaves.
Follow my step by step instructions to keep your poinsettias growing so that you can have beautiful plants again next Christmas. All steps are on the blog.

Heather (New House New Home)
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  • Zulemaya Zulemaya on Dec 27, 2014
    I kept one from Christmas 2013 alive for 10 months. I went away for 10 days and left it in the care of my spouse. It died. I have 5 this year. I am going to repor them using a mix of coconut peat and vermiculite and worm castings. Fingers crossed for success.

  • Robin Corzilius Robin Corzilius on Jun 27, 2019

    I have a 3 year old plant that I keep in my office by a large window. I did not know about the pruning of them so this one has not been pruned. My question is that the older leaves are slowly turning brown. There is new grow, is this something that will happen and I can't prevent?