Just started blooming in my garden, a great native iris, Iris cristata. Perfect for the woodland garden, perennial.

Iris cristata

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  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Mar 31, 2012
    Erica I found one today at Lowes. I'm going to plant it tomorrow It was their last plant. It will be put in a shady area although the label said sun or part shade. Thank you.
  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Apr 01, 2012
    @Sherrie: The one you bought at Lowe's was likely African iris (Dietes iridioides). It is substantially taller than the iris Erica posted but has a similar bloom and does very well in Florida. It will bloom in flushes except in the worst of summer heat. Mine have going crazy for the last month or so. Another iris option for us is the Giant Apostle's Iris (Neomarica caerulea), which can get 5 feet high and has a purplish blue flower.