Late Spring Garden Walk at Minerva's Garden Part 1

New post! Come take a late spring garden walk with me around Minerva's Garden--today we focus on vegetables and clematis!

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  • Betty819 Betty819 on Jul 21, 2014
    Where's part 1?
  • Betty819 Betty819 on Jul 23, 2014
    Found it..and loved it. You really do have some beautiful clematis. I had a niorobe variety at our former home and it didn't seem to grow very fast or very tall. I now realize why..I am an inpatient gardener and didn't know anything about clematis or a lot of perennials until I found a blog on wintersowing and grew my own flowers for 3 years. I have learned a lot about perennials, shrubs and annuals since moving here and growing my own. I have a Several clematis but want more..Dr. Ruppel is my best so far but I layered a piece from it last year and it bloomed this year. I purchased another one when I first moved here called Westerplatte or something like that name. It didn't seem to do well but I don't think I realized then that it takes a few years to establish a clematis..I dug it up but guess I didn't get all the roots and it popped back up this past Spring. I put up a small trellis and hopefully I will have flowers next year. I dug up an old one that developed clematis wilt last year. I thought I was digging to China and back! Bought another one and planted in same area, that one didn't seem to make it..same problem. Just this week, I see signs of the clematis that has come back on it's own. I left the metal trellis up and it has started climbing it. Hoping for the best. I need to get something planted in front of it that will return next year, even if it is an annual that will reseed alyssum did for me this year. Your name sounds of Greek orgin..are you Greek? I've printed off information on how to take cuttings from a clematis and start another one. Have you ever started one from taking the dried seed pods and planting them into soil? A friend bought me a seed pod from her MIL in Fla. for a blue variety. She told me the MIL said thaty's how she always starts her new vines. I still have the dried seed pod in a plastic bagie, in the house, do you think it is still good or should i discard it? I'd love to start a blue variety that is in Group the pruning ways are so much easier. Two of my neighbors have Jackamani and I'd love to take a clipping from theirs and start another one for myself. One of those neighbors is new so I am reluctant to ask him and the other is a rental house. When the original owner moves back, I'll be comfortable asking him fo start me a piece of his. When is the best time to start a new clematis on the east coast(Zone 7)? Fall or Spring? Are clematis vines available in the fall at garden centers or nurseries?