Perrenials surviving with little to no extra water -

Even when weeds have taken over the place.
Joe Pye weed 7-8' tall this year. Reaching for the sun.
Bumble bees busy - busy
I have Ajuga growing beneath my Yucca - never know that purple creeper will show up. I have tried transplanting to places I would prefer it to grow - but never know if it will be there next year.
I believe this is Italian onion - Right on schedule -
Purple Sedumm - love the colorful foliage too. For some reason this variety is lazy - it doesn't form and nice upright clump - just falls away from the center. Maybe it needs to be planted deeper.
This is Old faithful, it's buds are still closed up tight - that's white they appear white. Green sedumm and transplant from my late grandmothers yard. Set right at the side of my driveway - this baby is no trouble at all

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  • Carol S Carol S on Aug 26, 2012
    Aw - too bad - it could have made a nice hanging plant - hmm now there's an idea a perenial hanging plant.

  • Alicia C Alicia C on Apr 01, 2014
    Sedum is very hardy. I planted a clump by my mailbox that I never water. I just let mother nature take care of it and it has done well.