Purple Onion Flower

This purple flower is called Allium. I found this purple flower among a bunch of tulip flowers. I thought for a second it was part of the tulip family, but my son told me it was an Allium plant. Allium is part of the onion genus. Can you believe that it's so beautiful?
Allium, or "garlic plant" in Latin. Part of the onion genus.

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  • Karen Karen on Mar 06, 2016
    Funny, my first thought was agapanthus, AKA, Queen of the Nile. I got one for my mom a few years ago, but it never bloomed -- I think it was too hot on her patio in the afternoons. Pretty regardless of the name. It's also more likely to be agapanthus among tulips.

  • Harry Kock Harry Kock on Jul 24, 2016
    If in Ohio it is defiantly an allium, agapanthus won't survive the winter that far north. I have literally hundreds growing in my garden, actually the entire neighbourhood has them. Easy to propergate from seed, just leave the flower heads on and they will scatter. When computing I send to the leaves to the local yard waste centre rather than my composter as they stink like, well, onions