How can l trim this rose plant?


Help me with trimming this rose plant to insure that it will thrive in the Spring.

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q how can l trim this rose plant
q how can l trim this rose plant
q how can l trim this rose plant
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  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Oct 26, 2019

    Oh my! She doesn't feel well at all! Cut back all the bare stems about 4" from the ground. Be brutal! She'll feel better afterward.

    You need to treat her with some rose dust for the black spots. I'd also first spray some Neem oil for any pests. Fertilize her with MiracleGro every 2 weeks until the weather gets cold. Mulch around her but keep it back about 4" from the stems.

    Remove all the weeds, wood, etc. near her and the soil really, really looks like it needs amending before you do the rose dust, fertilizer and mulch. Add rich garden soil and some compost, mixing it all well with your hands and use it to replace a bunch of the soil that's there right now. It looks way too sandy for her to thrive.

  • Diana of all Trades Diana of all Trades on Oct 26, 2019

    You'll have to do a hard cut back now as Robyn said but as it grows back, you can control the direction it grows in to some degree. It will get little nodules and they indicate which way a branch would grow if you cut right above it. Decide whether you want it to spread out or grow more tightly and then decide where to make your cuts. I hope it lives but I have to say, roses are really hardy.

  • Mogie Mogie on Oct 26, 2019

    The neighbors cut theirs back every year leaving only about 2 feet and they grow back nice and lush every spring.

  • Crw4444 Crw4444 on Oct 26, 2019

    It depends on where you live. In the south, we cut our rose bushes back in Feb. You can do a search on the internet, by location.

  • Lisa Lisa on Oct 26, 2019

    I would dig out a lot of that soil (sand) and amend it with good rich garden soil and perhaps mixing in a little bit of miracle grow potting mix.

    Cut it back as others have suggested.

    I don’t know your climate. Do you get snow? If so you may want to burlap around the outside of the plant.

  • Donna H. Donna H. on Oct 26, 2019

    Also, if you cut dead blooms off in the growing season, cut right up above a 3-leaf joint. This encourages a new blossom to form.

  • I always dived mine by 3 and cut away One third every year and my grow great.

  • Cass Cass on Oct 27, 2019

    And it depends on what type of rose. Some must be trimmed right after they stop blooming for the season. If you wait until winter you might be cutting off developing buds