How do I keep my "third" Peace Lily alive?

My Peace Lily wilts, I water it and it revives for a day or two, then it droops again.

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  • Pas7429538 Pas7429538 on Jan 14, 2019

    Sounds like it is root bound. It probably needs to be transplanted into a larger pot with new potting soil.

  • It sounds like it might need to be re-pot into a bigger container. Here are some more tips for growing peace lilies:

  • Lizbeth Lizbeth on Jan 15, 2019

    Probably does need repotting. Just pull it out of its pot gently and if you mainly see roots and not much soil, repot into a larger pot after loosening the roots a bit with your fingers. Don't go too big with the new pot--- an inch or two larger in diameter is best unless the plant is really huge. But it could also be the pot size is fine but you've let it get so dry that when you do water, much of the water runs down between the pot and soil. The outer roots soak up enough so it does perk it up but the water does not throughly wet the soil. So the plant wilts again a few days later because there is no moisture reserve in the soil. It could also be you aren't giving the plant enough water when you do water. If either is the case put the pot in the sink and really soak the soil. Finally, it's unlikely but the wilting could be because the plant is too near a heat source. (That's probably not it or you'd see other problems.) Good luck!