I grew sunflowers this year - Is this head ready to harvest?

Is this head ready to harvest?
q i grew sunflowers this year
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  • Ken Ken on Jul 09, 2018
    You want them to dry until the green is gone.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 09, 2018

    Your picture is pretty out of focus. You will want the sunflower seeds to be mature sized and dried if you can. You could always take out a seed to check on if they are mature.

  • User User on Jul 10, 2018
    Not ready

  • Jeanne Grunert Jeanne Grunert on Jul 10, 2018
    Hard for me to see from your picture, but I usually wait until I can see the actual seeds and the head is drooping forward. The weight of the mature seeds usually pulls the flower forward and the petals start curling and falling off. I then cut the head and put the head in a paper bag or on newspapers in warm, dark place to fully dry.

  • User User on Aug 20, 2018

    It not ready